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2-20-15 Anti Binge Tools?

Friday, February 20, 2015

Funny to think that I do binge eat and know I do it and know I shouldn't do it but can't stop myself mid moment. And to think that there might be some tools out there for me to not start it in the first place.

I have thought about the triggers that coax me into binge eating but never the tools. I joined a group a couple days ago and have been quietly poking around in it to see if there was anything that would spark a light bulb in my head and intrigue me to do some research to help myself in areas that I have never thought of. I am starting with two simple things that I feel somewhat stupid for not thinking of myself. #1 track each day I do not binge eat. #2 tools for anti binge eating. The first is fairly simple to think about and that gives me something to focus on that is goal oriented. I do well with the, here is what you need to do then do it. The second...not so easy. What does tools for this mean? I always thought it meant WHY did I do it? My answer is anger and feeling dismissed. Ok, problem located. Now, what are the tools??? I laugh cuz I feel like I am stuck in a room that is sealed full of people talking to me in a language I do not understand. So I look up on the internet in the small amount of time I had at the time " Tools for anti binge eating" , because that is how it was worded where I read about it. Things like lipstick that tastes bad, gum, mouth spray, toothpaste came up. I thought to myself...this can't be really the tools. The place where I saw the tools was on a challenge for this group. No real explanation, just to use your tools. So that was not really any help except to spark the light bulb in my mind.

So, today if Friday. I do have places to go and things to do and a sick child my hubby is coming home to take care of so I can fulfill my obligations. I will find time this weekend to figure out what at least one tool to not binge eat is. And if you are reading this and know some please, by all means, share! I don't think I am looking for things to put in my mouth that taste bad to detour me from binging. I think I am looking for thinking tools. I am not sure distraction is one. But maybe it is. Other than that I am very interested to know what actual tools are. I imagine they are connected to WHY I do it. Again, not looking for things that taste bad. When I talk about binge eating I don't mean that I snack in the evening, or eat a little too much. I mean the secretive shameful never let anyone see me do this can put away an astonishing amount of what I know is bad for me when I am angry or feeling dismissed kind of binging.

Even if I am a silent group member, I am glad that I went on there. It made me realize that I had not looked at certain things that could be so easy to help me. Now, to help myself further by doing some research! emoticon
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    The STOP (Sensibly Take Off Pounds) Team has a Healthy Habits Rewards challenenge starting Mar 2. It is a 10 week challenge. We do weigh ins on Mondays. Being the Leader, I have already started the challenge just to kind of test it out. I am using $$cash$$ for my reward. The harder the habit seems to be for me the bigger the reward for accomplishing it.

    Healthy Habits Rewards Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun

    SLEEP - Min 7 hrs - - - - 50c
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    Freggies - min 5 svg - - 10c
    Cardio - min 60 min daily - 25c
    Stretch n strength - - - 10c
    10,000 steps daily - - - 10c

    The ladies make up their own plan. You can change it every week if you want to.
    If you lose weight on Monday, then you add another $1.00 to your savings. I think I will purchase a rose with my $1, so I have a visual of my weekly accomplishment. And a positive moving into the next week.
    I plan on buying yard d├ęcor as my reward. It will be a good feeling to know I earned it.

    I am making progress, but it seems I am not doing well staying within my calories this week. I usually don't bring trigger foods in the house. Some of them are healthy foods, but just dangerous for me to have around.

    I was meaning to do a blog and invite anyone that would like to join us. I might do that on Sunday. If you are interested in our challenge, let me know, I will send you an invite to the team. MA

    2248 days ago
    aha! I have been that binger (is that a word?). I would wait until the weekend when my hubby was at work, go to the store and buy peanut butter or sugar cookies and eat them all. If I didn't eat them all, they would sit in a space in my closet he wouldn't see them. What did I do? I got real honest with myself like you are now. And then I also did the why do I do this just like you are now, and guess what Kate? Those are tools. You are using your brain to determine the problem and the why, so call them what they are: tools. Okay, so now for how to stop? You don't have to do aversion therapy with yourself and eat inedible stuff or eat nasty stuff. You can make it a point to recognize the desire to scarf-set an alarm for 20 minutes and tell yourself that if you are still wanting that food in 20 mins, you can have a portion of it. Put up post it notes around the kitchen or on the foods most likely to be devoured that simply say "STOP!" Visuals are very good tools! If you have someone you trust, ask them to be your anti-binge buddy and call them when you feel that need to binge. I'm sure there are more ideas but this is all I've got for now. Also, don't underestimate your willpower. You are a very strong woman, which is evident by how well you've been doing emoticon
    2248 days ago
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