I am starting to do a few things right!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

It really feels good when you come to the end of the day and you realize you have made several good choices.
Ever since I wrote my blog on 2/22 about moving forward, it seems like a few things are coming together. I have only taken some very basic steps, but something seems to work. So here are my small steps in the right direction:

- I am logging into Sparks every day
- I am deciding on one specific focus for every new day
- I am trying to drink at least six glasses of water a day (It seems that I can even manage
eight glasses if I work at it)
- I have started to track my food again (what an eye-opener!)
- I am writing a blog more frequently

What I don't want to do is become totally obsessed again. In the past I have written about learning to go with the flow, and that is still an ongoing process. So, my plan for today was to walk 8000 steps. For various reasons I only walked a little over 6000 steps. But I am not beating myself up over it. I am trying my best, and that is all I am asking of myself at this point. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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