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Best Lunch Workout EVER!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

So yesterday I started my "new" fitness plan of getting in steps (at least 12,000 four days a week, at least 7,000 the other three days). I want to start incorporating some strength training too, but I know I just need to get moving to start. I know this sounds weird, but for the last 2-3 months, I have been doing 25 squats every time I use the restroom at work or at home. Not necessarily for a huge amount of caloric burn, but because I wanted to attempt to work on my legs and lift my bum a little. So yesterday, I did 3 mini workouts throughout my workday (before, lunch, after) for a total of about 6.5 miles. Not too shabby for day one. I was walking this much regularly last summer and fall, but I haven't done it in a while besides the 43 miles I walked in Vegas last month in 4 days.

So last night when I got home, I started having this pretty sharp pain on the outside of my foot. It was in the middle on the other side of the arch and it got worse as the night went on. Even the couple of times I got up in the middle of the night to use the restroom or take out the dogs, it was pretty painful. This morning was no better.

I decided to fight through and did a painful 1.25 miles this morning before work. As the day has gone on today it seems to have stayed the same. I knew I couldn't bail on my lunch workout since I'm not able to stay after work today, so I headed down to the small gym that's pretty close to my office. There are about 6-7 ellipticals, 2 treadmills, a bike and a weight-pulley system. Like I said, it's a small workout space. I'm only interested in the treadmill at the moment, so it works for me. Although I had no issues yesterday or this morning, this afternoon on my lunch, both treadmills were taken. I PANICKED! The last time I tried an elliptical was a year ago, and I worked myself up to 4 minutes after 3 weeks! I am horrible at them. My legs feel like they are burning and it's the most unpleasant experience EVER! I know they are lower impact and you burn more calories which is why I tried so long to use them in the first place, but it wasn't worth it. I will just walk and walk on the treadmill. Today, I didn't have that choice.

Instead of wasting my only real workout time I wasn't going to get today and throwing my one day old goals out, I tried my luck at the dreaded elliptical. AND I OWNED THAT THING!! The squats must have paid off more than I could ever have imagined. FORTY-ONE MINUTES! I only had to stop because I had to get changed and back to work, but I nearly started crying I was so happy walking back to my office! Mark this as another NSV that I am forever grateful for. Also, my foot didn't hurt through the whole workout, as it was stationary!

So what could have been a total workout waste turned in to a super awesome experience I am so freaking happy about. One thing that did bum me out was even though I had my hands high on the arm mover things, I only tracked about 1,500 steps in over 3 miles (yes, my pace was slow, but i'm still happy). I'm not sure if that's normal for a fitbit flex, but I was sad, as I may not reach my step goal today. I'm not going to let that get me down though! I know what I accomplished today was far greater than that 12,000 steps. I'm hoping when I get my fitbit charge hr in the mail (hopefully today or tomorrow) it will work better with the elliptical.

Three days in a row of blogging too! Crazy!
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    I'm glad your time with the elliptical went well. Me and ellipticals don't get along. I go numb from the waist down if I try to use them. Treadmills don't have this effect on me, so I generally stick to walking/ running outside or on a treadmill. Or bikes. Or swimming. Just not ellipticals. I'm glad you had a good workout with it, but don't feel bad if you and that machine don't generally get along -- you're in good company. Just keep making the best of the situation, and you'll be fine! Best wishes!
    2231 days ago
    I love the elliptical, Iit really burns alot when I'm low on time! I love how it works my abs too I always twist my waist a little while doing it Awesome job You're kicking booty!
    2237 days ago
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