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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

So, I got my tax money and bought a bunch of stuff we needed for the house, some stuff for the kids, some stuff for my spouse and low and behold as the kids and I were walking through Sears to go to the mall, there it was: the treadmill I had had my eye on for months. It was on sale and it was on display with a big sign right in front of my face. I stopped, looked, drooled and then said, no it is too expensive. My 12 year old daughter, who is old enough to know that mom sacrifices a lot for them and her father, says "Mom, you have to buy it for you. You have been wanting one for a long time. Get it mom. You deserve it."
I was touched. I wanted it really bad. So, I said if I still wanted it after we did our mall shopping, we would come back and buy it. And that is what I did. I bought a Garmin Vivo Fit, and I bought my treadmill. I saved a bunch of money on it and decided that yes I did deserve it.
the next day, we had a friend help us pick it up and then it took some convincing for my spouse to put it together. he wanted to wait until he was in the mood. Well, since the Ellipitcal disaster that I waited over a week to get put together, I said No I want it now. I started to unpack the box myself. I started to get it together because for some reason he was having a fit. Personally, I believe he was upset with how much money I spent on myself. He was sore at me because I wouldn't give him the money for his tattoo that he has been getting every year for 5 years now. I have sacrificed my own tattoo just so he could have his. I truly believe he had to work through the fact that I finally put myself first. it wasn't mean spirited in anyway on his part, it was a change and he was not used to it. He wants me to be happy and have the things that I want, but for the first time, I denied him what he wanted so I could have what I wanted. It will take him some getting used to me putting myself first sometimes.
IN any event, he put it together and now I have my treadmill that I try to use every day. I make it my goal to get at least the 10,000 steps a day that they recommend. I'll tell you what, it takes a lot to get those steps. Some days I get way more than that. Others I fall short. The fact is, I'm trying and I have lost a little bit of weight. My clothes fit better, I feel better and I am just going along. I continue to make this my year. I actually like putting myself first sometimes. I am not hurting anyone and it makes me feel so much better about myself, that I'm more willing to focus on my family. I am happier, not so angry, not so down, depressed, defeated. I feel uplifted and can't wait to uplift the next person. My kids seem happier.
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