Wish there was majik to stop my eating

Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Oh what a vicious cycle we lead in life. Why when I feel like I've gone past maximum density do I turn to eating? Food is what got me where I am and eating my feelings. I wish there was a switch to turn this off. I really wish I had a support system here beyond my husband because I really feel like I'm in this alone. I know I have people on here who are gems, but I need someone to go to the gym with or go on a walk. Having my online support from my friends and family who are so far away just makes me even less inclined to go to the gym because I could stay online and feel better. My coworkers usually only make it worse because they point out every time I stray from my typical healthful food and beverage choices. They aren't used to me doing unhealthy things, so it surprises them... but then it shames me and I end up stress eating due to shame. I hate this rollercoaster I put myself on! I can't wait to move again in order to get this all in check. Just wish I had help!
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    i can relate to this And sorry you feel alone I'm in the same boat,I've got no real life support group or people either,everyday I try not to binge,please hang in there,forgive yourself if you slip and one day at a time it you can overcome this.
    1987 days ago
    My coworkers don't comment to shame me or make me feel ill, they do it as a joke. They all eat unhealthy and I always eat healthy. So when they see me with a soda or unhealthy food they always have to joke about it. They don't know that I have an eating disorder and that is a trigger for me. I am also not close enough to any of them to say that to them.

    I'm lucky there is a gym in my town, let alone a trainer. I live in the middle of nowhere. Plus I couldn't justify that cost to my husband cause he would know I'm paying for someone to workout with because I am a pro at the gym... if I get up the gumption to go. Which I've been good this year for the most part. Except the last 2 weeks when I went to a conference and then got sick. Going back tonight!
    1989 days ago
    I'm so sorry you're feeling alone in your journey. It may not be financially feasible for you but maybe you could get some half hour sessions with a personal trainer? I know that I'm much less likely to break an appt with someone else than I am with myself.

    My "magic" was a sleeve gastrectomy. I'm so glad I did it. Only three and a half months post op and I'm down 80 pounds already. And I almost never feel hungry. I've noticed that when I overeat it's always because of some external stimulus (kids, restaurant, advertising or whatever).

    I know what you mean about feeling shamed when you do something that you know you "shouldn't" or don't do something you know you "should". I, personally, feel it's inappropriate of your co-workers to comment on your choices. Making someone feel worse about their choices isn't likely to make them necessarily change those choices -- for one thing, how do they know you don't have a perfectly valid reason for that choice? Second, it's been proved again and again that shaming people for weight, body composition, food choices and activity lifestyles don't motivate them in the least to change those things.

    You WILL get through this!! I have faith in your ability to make good and appropriate choices for YOURSELF in spite of what anyone else says/thinks/does.
    1989 days ago
  • no profile photo REGINAROLLINS
    You shore aren't alone-alot of us feel this way-and the "skinny" people think it will help to go out and eat or have a drink-BAD ole skinny people!!:)
    1989 days ago
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