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Portion Control...

Sunday, March 08, 2015

First and foremost..what is a portion?

According to the ads on tv it is a burger so huge that you have to unhinge your jaw and drip
lots of sauce all over your body in order to munch your way thru it!

According to some of the prepackaged and preplanned meals it is less than my pup eats at one time...those portions are meant for appitizers ...right?

Then according to some articles the palm of your hand or a deck of cards is the protein portion you need. So ..Ok I can deal with that. But what about carbs and other nutrients? There are a zillion articles , some with pics some without that try to tell you this is what you need...if you are on a 2000 Kcal diet.. emoticon

Is this set up on the basis of a 2000 Kcal diet? If so...then it needs to be served on a saucer for me! I do not need nor do I eat that many Kcal in a day. Neither do most of us. There seriously needs to be a study, an article , a clarification for a lessor Kcal count.

That is excellent advice..now please tell me what a portion is!! Mmmm this is a bit of a circular conversation aye?? Each of us will have a different metabolism..differing needs according to our activity levels and tastes as well. And then there is the variation of eating plans...Vegan, vegetarian, Lacto-ovo..or meat eater..and it goes on!

Some how no matter how I seek to find that "perfect" plan...the "perfect" description of what a portion is and what I should eat and when...The true responsibility returens to emoticon . Even with the 'we provide your food" type plans...how easy is it to cheat and eat what you want?

I read recently that girls in an Asian country are taught to eat until they feel 80% full. How much better is that then our way of stuff your face till you are ill!! How many of us grew up with Mothers saying clean your plate then you get desert or can go outside or whatever the reward was for leaving a plate that looked like it had not had food on it!

Our economy seems to run, at least in part , on the eat ,,,eat,,,eat more ideology. The ads looks so good and the portions are so generous. Is it any wonder we look at our meals and think "I want more". Resturants serve huge portions and offer delish deserts that are so calorie laden that they shoot your kcal count right into next week sometime!

That was the cake my granddaughter wanted for her birthday. I found a bakery that would make it...for around $65, FOR A CAKE!!! Sad to report she did not get that cake!! But it is a great example of the over abundance of rich calorie laden foods we are tempted with daily.

I printed this lil cartoon and have it on my fridge..it makes me laugh but it also makes me think...before I open the door to get something to stuff in my chubby lil face...

Portion control is indeed an individual thing that no one but ourselves can design for us. There are hints and helpful articles..SP has many to browse and the magazines are full of articles as well. However it is up to each of us to take the time to figure out our need and then create a plan to stick to it. Sad that..it would be so sweet if some lil Geni would just appear and tell me what to do..how to do it and when... Yeah as if !! I probably would get my back up and declare ..you ain't the boss of me!!

Increase activity...decrease intake...get hydrated and keep moving...yep there's the answer!

emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

Here's to seeing..... emoticon ....success!!!

Nite ya'al...see ya tomorrow!
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    I struggle with this. I set up my plate to onclude mostly veggies and lean proteins- very few carbs. Then eat until I sm satisfied. My eyes are bigger than my hunger because I'm so used to seeing restaurant portions and thinking that is a normal portion. It's taking a lot to change that mindset but with a plate full of veggies I don't feel as guilty:)
    1739 days ago
    Cute blog as always. I am really working on that idea of eating until I'm satisfied not full. It sounds so simple .... but I'm still working at it. I've also started measuring again, mainly to remind myself what appropriate portions look like.

    Thanks for another great blog. emoticon
    1739 days ago
    30% of the calories from fat seems like a lot.
    1740 days ago
    Tracking food helps to teach me what a portion is. I'm definitely still learning!
    1740 days ago
  • JIMA64
    I am sleepy too.
    1740 days ago
    1740 days ago
    1740 days ago
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