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Thought and Prayer for Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Sometimes people make us so mad! We can’t believe what they did or said. We get upset with their action and we take action of our own because of our temper. However, we have all heard two wrongs don’t make a right. We need to practice patience when others upset us and ask God to help us control our tempers. When we are able to control our temper and not get upset when others do wrong, we can practice patience.

Proverbs 19:11 “Sensible people control their temper; they earn respect by overlooking wrongs.” (NLT)

Dear Lord, help us to be sensible people today and control our temper. Remind us the actions of others should not have the ability to cause us to get upset. Remind us to be patient with those who do things we don’t agree with and show them love rather than anger. When we blow up at others, it just shows we aren’t giving You control of our lives. Help us today, Lord. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

When we are able to give God control or our temper, He will help us stay patient and calm.

Others can do things that we don’t agree with without us losing our tempers.

When we stay calm and patient with those who do wrong, we can better help them to do right.

Wild tempers only cause bad situations to get worse.

If we want to be seen as a fool, all we have to do is lose our temper.

Ecclesiastes 7:9 “Control your temper, for anger labels you a fool.” (NLT)

Focus: Be sensible and wise. Practice patience and control tempers.
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