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The Incredible Shrinking Keri

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Sunday, March 15, 2015

ID_Vandal said it best, "Spring is coming and you're about to have the best Spring and Summer you have had in a long time!"

That is how I feel too. Last Sunday, DH and I (along with our two dogs) went to a county park and went for a walk. It was so great. About half way through, DH was concerned that I was pushing too hard and worried because he wouldn't be able to get the car in to that area to come get me. I had to assure him that I wasn't even winded. It really made me think about what an amazing change that is. And I just wanted to keep walking!

However, with all this happiness and goodness,the self doubt creeps in.
The thing I have to keep reminding myself about this whole experience is that it is just a TOOL. This is not a quick fix. I can't describe how I feel when I hear about someone who has had the surgery and is now seriously overweight again. I don't ever want that to be me. I want to succeed at this lifetime change.

The two biggest obstacles I face from having this surgery are getting enough protein and getting enough exercise.

It's interesting, when I don't eat right, I don't feel good. It's not like it gets me sick but I just feel unwell. It's hard to get in 60 grams of protein a day. I know I'm going to have to start drinking my protein shakes again just to get the protein I need. It's just hard.

I wish it was as easy as taking a pill. I already have to do that...iron, b12, biotin, multivitamin, and calcium. Don't get me wrong...it's definitely better than cholesterol and diabetes medicines. These are lifetime changes...Forever...and ever...amen.

I definitely have more energy and moving doesn't tire me out. But I haven't been able to set a strong routine in place. I have all the regular excuses...work hours are unreliable..don't feel like it...you know them all. But I have to start moving more to improve my health further.

I bought a spark tracker and I am concentrating on increasing my steps. I like the fact that it tracks it automatically and gives me a report. I just need to concentrate more on increasing my steps.

I also can't wait for our golf course to open. I work at a casino and golf resort. Our golf course opens for the first time this spring. I get to golf for free so I am looking forward to learning how and am hoping to spend a lot of time doing it. I got to golf on it a couple of times last year(it wasn't open to the public) and I really enjoyed it.

I understand that this is a commitment that I made for the rest of my life...there is no going back...I still have to work hard at it. It gave me an awesome kick start, but I have no illusions about how this could all go backwards if I let me guard down. I need to continue to make healthy choices and focus on the task at hand.

My boss has started calling me, "The incredible Shrinking Keri" and I kinda like it!! Hee hee!


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