Looking like a raccoon..

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Third try at this EERRRRRRgggh.

Sunday early am I wasn't feeling well. While sitting in the bathroom I knew I was going to pass out. Did so and bumped my head on the tub. Cleaned my pukey self up and went back to bed. Two hours later repeated the process. Now I have 2 bumps, one over each eyebrow.
Slept most of the day and night taking only liquids.

Monday when I was getting ready for the day around noon, I saw what my DH failed to tell me he saw. I have 2 BLACK EYES. Or rather purple. One eye is completely surrounded. The other mostly on the upper lid.

I am having a procedure done tommorrow so the nurse said to have them scan my head.

Went out to eat tonight and kept my sunglasses on. It's not noticeable then. But hard to see what you are eating.

More on the procedure in the next blog.

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