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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Today, my coworker told me that she just finished her 10 day water fast and was about to drink her first glass of tea. I was stunned. Of course, I needed to clarify this. How can you live off just water for 10 days???? I guess you can survive for 3 weeks technically before dying. But 10 days is getting close to that. Way too close. She says she’s been doing this since she was in college. She now has a daughter in college. That should tell you a guesstimate of age. She does it once a year for lent and says she’s feels great after. I’m not going to lie, she does look good considering she lived off water for 10 days. I asked a few more questions like isn’t she tired and feeling weak? Yup. She is. She works on the 2nd floor and says she was feeling winded after reaching the top. That’s not going to fly with me. Not that I would ever consider going that long without nutrients.

Thing is that she is from Russia and believes that this is beneficial. She says in the Russian culture, they do this fast to cleanse themselves. She says – and I did not question the theories as you get different theories everywhere you turn – that doing this water fast will clean the body of any toxins and bad cells that could cause major damage. She believes that it only attacks the bad cells that are causing cysts and perhaps could turn into cancer down the line. It cleans all of these nasty things out of your body and you are starting over fresh. She says it does not attack your muscle.

Considering she has done this for many years and is healthy from what I know, there might be something to it. Maybe. Of course she says she starts out hungry. Then becomes obsessive that this big part of her life is no longer there and even cooks without trying it. She would get up in the middle of the night and look up recipes. I’d call that starving.

I just find this so very unusual. How everything that I have heard, says that not eating enough calories will cause your body to use your muscle for fuel. You will lose weight but not in a healthy way. But she does not do this to lose weight. She does this to give up something for Lent and cleanse her body. She’s not a health nut. She goes to the gym. But I’ve seen her eat sugar. She enjoys sugar. It’s not coming from an obsessive place. It’s coming from a real belief that she grew up with that it will make her healthier.

I will say I am so impressed at that kind of willpower. There has to have been opportunities to go out and eat or parties or some kind of temptation. But she powered through. I’m not going to try the 10 day fast. Nor will I ever try a 1 day water fast. I like to eat and I don’t want to get weak, but it’s interesting to hear another side of things. Gives me something to think about while I eat the alfredo she made while not eating. Hahaha. Ok, I tried a couple of bites. I am weak, what can I say?
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  • 68ANNE
    I have a co-worker who still does the fast for lent. I guess her church still does it.
    1735 days ago
    I've heard of that fasting here for lent too, for religious purposes not health. Nonetheless, the Catholic church started changing these 'traditions' for healthier ones with more common sense a long time ago and I think people have followed.

    Personally, as you said, I would never consider fasting not even for a day. I tried all sort of super crazy "diets" in my youth and will NO longer want to go there ever.
    1759 days ago
    Yup, many people do water fast, juice fast all sort of fast....which makes me wonder why they call it fast when it goes by sooooooo slowww? emoticon
    1759 days ago
    Interesting for sure.
    1759 days ago
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