Saturday, March 28, 2015

I am so excited I had my mental breakthrough yesterday because if I waited to step on the scale today I would have been back at 230 lb. Hubby and I both thought we were bad yesterday, but both of us lost more. I had a fish sandwich from McDonalds as a snack. Not quite a snack, but I wanted protein. The woman working kept telling me how more food was so much cheaper. She was right. A fish sandwich with tax was $4.10. If you order a meal or if you order 2 fish sandwiches it's $5. This is a huge problem of why people eat in excess. I just kept saying, but I can only eat 1 sandwich. In my head I also kept thinking, or worse I would eat it. I then got home from the gym and ate some chips. But then I just had 2 pieces of turkey, cheese, a pickle, and english muffin for supper.

I can't believe I have lost 5 lb with a broken arm this month! I am on a roll and finding my motivation. The great thing is that this is coming from a place of love. I am loving myself through this process!
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