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goals for April

Sunday, April 05, 2015

i can't believe i lost the start of this blog i had already written... always makes me want to give it up and not do it again ...
i did not do so well last month at all .. not in my eating or in my fitness .. i very much slacked in both areas and totally just mostly ditched my goals except for the fitness here and and there .. have gained 20 lbs back, have lost so much in gains of fitness .. i need to get back on track by making some goals for this month and sticking to them ..

1. i will get my diet/healthy eating back in control ..i will count calories/weigh/measure (i just went and got 2 newliquid measuring cups,and had already bought 2 new sets of try ones several days ago), now i just need to get a small scale ..
2. i will make, as of today, a spark streak that i will get control of my night snacking .. my night time snacking is one of my biggest problems right now with my weight gain, i do fine during the day and then lose it at night .. i have joined a couple of spark teams dedicated to helping with this isssue and i will start going to them and getting advice and support ...
3. as the weather gets nicer it will be much easier for me to get back into a good fitness routine.. i will get back to the point where i can speed walk/jog again as i enjoy it so much .. i will first do some Leslie and Jessica video's to build up my legs so as to not get shin splints which as always been a problem for me before, but last year when i started this journey it was winter, and my motivation was HIGH, so i started with Leslie and by the spring i could actually walk and jog with pain .. so i will do that for a few weeks until the end of April as the days get nicer then take my fitness back outdoors .. and it is not to early to start planning for these problems for next year so i am going to find some walking poles, and cross country ski's, snow shoes and such so i can still work out a lot of days outdoors also so work outs are so tedious and such ..i will start planning for that now !!
4. i will commit to making it a motivation goal to fit in a size 6 again, which i was when i was at my goal weight, so i can buy a gown for my wedding vow renewal ceremony on July 18, and feel like a princess (but i won't make it a thing for stressing if i only lose some of weight as i WILL still feel like a princess in my lovely chosen on that day)
5. i will come back more consistently to Spark (have been really lacking here) for encouragement and support, and giving it back as both are great motivators..
6. i will journal more about my feelings, and educate myself more, i will read motivational quotes and stories when i feel tempted to chuck it and give up or give in ...
7. another of my problem areas is not getting my liquids in ~~not going to say water because i don't believe that we can't get our liquid quota for the day with other things ~~ i DO NOT like just plain water ~~ so i use low/no calorie beverages to get my quota, like Hint water (no calories/no sugar), Bai anti-oxidant infustions ( 5 calories, made with natural stevia as a sweetener), etc .. tea, low calorie juices ..i don't believe we need to drink 8 glasses of water on top of these ~~ but i will be making a concerted effort to make sure i get the equivelant amount of glasses of fluids a day ... in fact, i will start a spark streak about this too !!
i CAN do this emoticon i will emoticon i will go for the emoticon .. i will WIN !!
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