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Summing it up ...last week of BLC 27

Sunday, April 05, 2015

Blog for WEC...

Cardio...I love to run, my ole joints won't take it with the weight I carry right now.
I love to ride my bike... and will now that the roads are getting dry.

But most of all and best of all I love to walk outside in the fresh Spring air!
Without a doubt walking is something we were meant to do..see we have two legs with feet!
It is something we struggle to do the minute we are able to balance ourselves upright and
toddle across the room..funny thas how I walk now..hmmmmmmmm!
Walking creates the circulation in your lower legs that helps keep those lil pumps in your capillaries working thus increasing and encouraging better blood flow, IE: circulation improved. As you walk outside you tend to sniff and smell and enjoy the Springtime odors.
Thus clearing your nose of winter nasties that have taken up residence in your nostrils.
Good deep breaths as you walk provide more energy and clearing of the yuckies in your lungs , so they can do their good work. Last but certainly not least..As you walk outside..
An appreciation of life, of nature, of creatures and of the many aspects of fellow humans.
Have you ever noticed when you pass fellow walkers, joggers, runners they smile, greet you and seem to be enjoying the day? So walking is not only good for the head, the lungs, the circulation, the heart, the tummy , it does encourage better digestion, also it is excellent for the mind. Now what other exercise is as completely rounded out as Walking?

I walk at least 3 miles a day sun shine or storm to feed..but that is not quite the same as walking for fitness or pleasure..that is done as well ..working on doing at least 5 miles a day..that would be to our paper drop off and back. To the mailbox is 3 miles which is one of my goals to walk to get the mail rather than drive.

Fixing to head on over and the do BLC wide fitness test now. Will for sure do my best..not sure if there will be much improvement as this BLC has been a difficult one for me. If no changes..then next go will be focused on as my next chance to do what I know I can do!

Heath-my new routine is a Tia Chi Greet the Day ..I have done it a few times..but am at this moment dedicating myself to do it daily upon rising. The times I have done the Chi exercises somehow my day seems to go better..so this is the litmus test . Will my Chi get in alignment?

Over break I will be ..1-building tiny lil shelves for my pantry to put spices on so they can be easily seen and gotten to. 2-STRAWBALE GARDEN TIME , BABY!! 3-finish up some Bird Houses and Siloutte Figures both for the yard and to sell.

I meditate daily...it is what helps keep me sane!

Getting my goals lined up for BLC 28 and will be posting soon.

Now I have 2 sets of sweet puppy eyes begging ..so guess it is time to feed the kids!

Remember we all need a good self image...so wake up ..look in the mirror and repeat...

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