A little goal accomplished

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I'm not much of a blogger but yesterday one of the goals I set for the day led a fellow sparker (Karen42boys) to ask me to post my result.

I do realize that our Spark journeys are our own and as such most likely become pretty self absorbed at times. However, I feel as though too many areas of my life have recently become too much 'ME'. Sometimes I need to step back and think about others. In a simple way I decided yesterday that one of my goals as I was out and about I would be sure to find something nice to say to/about three complete strangers. Seemed simple enough but you know how it goes when you get moving and have an agenda needing to accomplish your list of things to do. I was half way through my day when I remembered in Costco that I had not accomplished any of this goal.

Results from my compliment three people challenge: Biggest result - it made ME smile the remainder of the day! lol First I noticed a fun and happy cheese sampler and I just loved his outgoing manner and humor so I told him so. He laughed, said he appreciated it and wanted to give me lots more cheese. He really made me smile and I could tell he liked hearing that. Next, a coffee sampler man reminded me of my father in law with a little grin on his face but he looked distracted and not as happy as the grin showed. I told him his smile was wonderful and that if I was a coffee drinker I'd love to try some. He told me that comment made his whole day and looked up, smiling. I walked by him a little later and I noticed his head was up a little higher and he really grinned at me. I like to think that little comment was what he needed at that moment. The last was the best. There was a little girl running around like crazy who made me laugh. At one point she looked at me and said, "My mom walked away from me again! Do you believe it?" I couldn't stop laughing as her mom came around the corner eventually looking for her, rolling her eyes and looking exhausted. I told her she was a very patient mother handling such an energetic little one with such good nature. She looked at me like - oh, you get it. We chatted for a little bit and she actually laughed when I told her what her little one had told me earlier.

So, the point of setting this goal for myself? I'm not entirely certain but I do know it made me feel good and hopefully made others feel good if only for a moment.
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