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Challenge vs Opportunity

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I learned something about myself today: I don't like the word "challenge." I really don't know why, I just know that when I hear the word, my brain does a funny little twitch, which as far as brains go, isn't great. I'm sure there's a psychiatrist out there that can tell me why I respond to the word challenge negatively. Maybe it's the lazy part of me that hears the word and automatically thinks that work is involved. Perhaps it sounds like some kind of Dare, that if I accept, I will be obligated to fulfill -- and that translates to pressure. Or maybe I'm just a wuss and a challenge is just too aggressive for me (hahaha no). At any rate, I decided that I like the word "opportunity" much better. Opportunity makes my brain smile and as far as brains go, that's good. An opportunity is something I can grasp and take advantage of. Something I can capture and utilize on my journey. So in order to make my brain smile, I'm turning all my challenges into opportunities. It's an opportunity to lose weight, not a challenge. It's an opportunity to eat healthy, not a challenge. Life is an opportunity, not a challenge. But that's just me and my silly brain.

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