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Normal ??? What's That ??

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Normal is an Adjective.

1. conforming to the standaed or common type, usual, not abnormal, regular, natural.

2. serving to establish a standard

3. psychology: if we take this as normal
a. approximately average in psychological trait, as intelligence, personality or
emotional adjustment.
b. free from metal disorder, sane.

Normal as a noun.

a. the average or same
b. the standard or type.

Normal : origin, Latin: Normalis.

When I was working to lose weight the word normal was all I could think of

I knew at 335 lbs, I was no where near normal

Normal weight, normal eating habits. I just wanted to be normal.

I had been a normal weight, didn't over eat, never had to agonize over what foods I could eat.

I wanted to be the normal person I had been.

I'm 45 in this photo, looking quite normal.

After 18 months I seemed to be back in the normal category.

But was I really.?

Appearance wise I looked pretty normal. I worked hard at maintain a certain weight.
Trying to stay at 135, trying to work out . Not eating certain foods. I was so involved in becoming the women I had once been I lost track of the women I was now.

I started to think what is normal?
Is it a weight that we are told has to match our height?
Is it what fashion dictates.?
Where does age enter into it?

If one has to work out 3,4 hours a day and eat 1000 calories a day to maintain a certain weight, is that normal?

We think the person who looks to be a normal weight has no trouble maintain that image. We have no idea what they go through to look as they do.

I want to live, I want to be healthy, I don't want to kill myself trying to achieve that.

I don't fit in a box. I am not cut from a pattern. I didn't come out of a mold.

I am not going to conform to a weight chart.
I am a 73 year old women , 5'6" who doesn't need to weigh 135.

I am going to maintain a healthy weight, workout as much as my body lets me and
enjoy my life.
I will not feel guilty if I miss the gym. I will not miss the 3, 4 hours I had to spend to maintain a 135 lb. body.
I don't need to me that normal.
I won't be obese, but if ones wants to rate me by a chart, I could be a little over weight. My fat ratio is good, some of that 165 is muscle.
That's OK.
I feel good, I look good, I am active, and I am happy.
Happy to have time enjoy my friends,
Happy to be involved in a second career of jewelry design and sales.
Happy to enjoy my bargain thrift shopping.

If anyone thinks I don't look happy, you don't know what happy is.

I won't stop watching what I eat.
In fact I eat very healthy.
I average 1100 to 1250 calories a day.
I limit my carbs to 100, in fruits, veggies.
Most of the time I don't eat starchy foods. .
My body doesn't metabolize certain carbs very well, so I avoid them.
I aim for 80 to 110 grams of protein a day.
Limit sodium to 800 to 1500 grams .

There are times I wish I didn't have to think through what foods I order or buy.
I slip into that "wish I was normal mode", But then I smile and think, I'm sure those "normal people stay normal by thinking what they can and can't eat.

So the heck with being normal.
I am an unique fantastic, fabulous women who is living the life she was meant to live.

I stopped at my favorite thrift store this morning, got a fabulous red suede fringed jacket.
Picked up a suede western hat, I am planning to decorate it with turquoise beads.
I already have red boots and western brown boots.
My "friend" and I are going to a country western music festival.
I plan on fitting in.
Or you could say I love the Boho, 60's, Hippy, Western look and happy that I can still pull the look off.
Here's my western look.

I also found this pale turquoise cotton, lace prairie style skirt. Thought it will look good with the jacket, boots, etc.

I will get some photos when I put this look together.

Just to reinstate, I will not be defined by a weight chart.
My weight like my age it's all irrelevant . It's just a number.

To all my Spark friends, thank you for always being here , your support means the world to me.

Peace and Love.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • QTEALADY20031
    Tisha, I agree. We do spend time wanting to be the woman we "used to be". I have been guilty of that. You look great and you always look very stylish! Hope you had fun at the festival! emoticon June
    2165 days ago
    Boy--I needed this blog today. I am eating 1200 calories a day and walking, walking, walking. Some days I feel like I just can't do it anymore. I set goals for myself and then when I don't reach them, get depressed.

    The first 57 pounds came off a little faster than the next 40 will. I, too, am always thinking, I just want to be normal. Maybe we are and the rest of them are not!

    Thanks for voicing exactly how I feel.
    2168 days ago
  • no profile photo CD13354694
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2172 days ago
  • RDEE22
    Great Blog. Great out fit as well. emoticon
    2172 days ago

    love reading your blogs

    2172 days ago
    You look incredible and are such an amazing inspiration! To my way of thinking, normal is just another word to use as a label for people. Normal, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. To thine own self be true.
    Thank you for sharing your wisdom ~ thank you for being you!

    emoticon emoticon jeanne
    2173 days ago
  • KITT52
    well said...

    have fun
    2173 days ago
    From what I have read as we age we should have a little extra weight on as it increases life expectancy. I don't want to be stick thin ever again. Just healthy. Yo!ur outfit looks great
    2173 days ago
    As the quote says, "I tried being normal once, worst 2 minutes of my life!"

    You are you and I am me...that's all that matters.
    2173 days ago
  • RHOOK20047
    There is no normal that fits all. I find i have to be happy with whom I am and work to improve it because I want to. Great job and a great look as well. You will knock them at that music festival! Thanks for posting and being part of this team. You are a part that makes this team so successful.

    2173 days ago
    You look awesome! Vibrant! Your positive attitude gives you a radiant glow! Great thrift finds!! Love your style! Unique and YOU! Thanks for the reminder that I do not want to be 'normal'.
    2174 days ago
  • SPEEDY143
    emoticon emoticon the journey is ever changing and feeling good and enjoying life is the ultimate goal... YOU my dear have arrived and will always be my emoticon emoticon
    2174 days ago
    Loved this blog! Normal is what's normal for each of us! Comparing ourselves is often what gets us into trouble!
    Love your purchases...that skirt is just lovely! Could see it with a white boho peasant blouse! Looking forward to pics of you decked out in these!
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Love to you & Titan!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    2174 days ago
    I think you look fabulous. I had no idea you were 73.

    I'm 62 and have lost 50 pounds. I was hoping to go down to 150-- but that may not happen. I'm eating well and exercising a lot. The nurse was amazed how low my heart rate was. So that's good.

    I agree that what's right for one is not right for another. I think this site helps with that. So Spark on friend. I think we're doing alright. And what is normal.....
    2174 days ago
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