Mother’s Day Smiles – What is a Mother?

Sunday, May 10, 2015

My blog today is in memory of my mother who died from breast cancer in 2004. I wrote it two years ago and would like to share it with you again this year.

What is a mother?

Someone who knows you’re special….

…. even if you’re one of many.

A mother is someone who …

… gives a kiss when you need one

… is always ready to cuddle

… listens when you need to talk

… shelters you from harm

… gives you a boost up if you need one

… will try to stop you from doing something that might cause you harm

… takes you where you need to go

… always gives good advice

… teaches you what you need to know in the world

… loves you no matter what

… and thinks you’re beautiful

… even if you’re adopted

Today is a day to think of your mother wherever she may be, and smile …

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