Be Brave

Friday, May 29, 2015

Today's challenge in our accountability group was to post on Facebook a little bit about our weight loss journey. I was terrified to do so! I don't like talking to people in my regular life about my weight loss journey, I just kind of use Sparkpeople as my safe place to vent. I worry that by telling people they will judge what I'm eating whenever they see me, or ask me why I'm not losing weight faster, etc. However, I posted my story and the response has been overwhelming. I know you shouldn't use Facebook as validation, but the likes have surpassed when Dominic was born, and so many people have commented encouragement, many whom I thought wouldn't say a thing or didn't really follow me. It makes me feel like I'm not alone, and that my friends really do want me to succeed. (Gah, this seems like a "you really like me" speech, but see comment about how this is my place to vent.) It also comes at a good time, as I'm almost into the 170's, but I haven't reached it yet and am trying not to be frustrated. Thanks for listening.
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