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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Well, on May 13th i had a significant health scare. I was at work, which thankfully is a hospital, although not right on campus. I was doing a report, and started to experience a racing heart beat. Then it started to really pound. I realized it was lunch time and i thought my heart was beating faster because of low blood sugar. So i decided to walk over to the cafeteria and eat lunch. I started to walk and began to experience crushing chest pain. But not over my heart, on the right side and around to my back and shoulder. It was horrible pain, but there was no one around and i didnt want to die on the side walk. So i walked to the hospital, two steps, stop and rest, two steps and stop. I got all the way to the employee health office where my coworker is, and i feebly called out her name. Fortunately, she heard me and came out. She tried taking my bp and pulse but the machine couldnt get it, and she literally couldnt hear it with the stethascope. So they called a rapid response on me. All the sudden i am surrounded by the team, and Dr Stark came in. and he is listening to my heart with stethascope at the chest level , the pulse ox suddenly registers my heart and it is 242. and speeding up. So i get to the go to the ER, They wheel me to the ER , they have no stretchers because it is wide open. I was wheeled into an exam room in a wheel chair, and my pulse is up to 257. Which is quite fast and scary. The ER doctor is like, we gotta bring it down fast, it can't stay at that rate, its going to fail.
They were trying to put IV's in me to give me the medicine they needed to stop the heart rate, but my extremities veins had shut down. The RN was about to put an IV in my neck. I started to tear up and i said, um, no I just need to pray specifically about these veins and i did and my friend was there and did and boom, two iv lines in. So then the pharmacist who is part of the IV team is about to give me this drug, adenosine.. and i say, whooooaaaa, what is going to happen when you give me that drug, he says, it will feel like you have been kicked in the chest by a mule, and i about started to tear up again, but he says, it only last 5 seconds, and i say, ok, i can put up with anything for 5 seconds. so they do a bolus slam. and i can feel it when it hits my heart. and i am breathing through it, because it feels really weird, my heart struggling, trying to slow down or respond anyway. And everyone is encouraging me and thats it, keep breathing, its almost over, and then my heart does something nutty. it goes into V-Tach. Still going super fast but completely useless fluttering stuff , and its crazy, and the ER doctor is like slam her again with it, two syringes. and i said, no, i havent prayed for this exactly, and i prayed for my heart to slow down and do right. and God totally did it, my heart converted right then, out of VTACH. still faster than normal, but 170 then 160 then 157 and it just slowed down, a little at a time to it stayed at 130. and the dr says, her heart converted on its own. I say, no it didnt, God converted it. and then, They give me a push of a beta blocker to keep it steady and put me on a drip. and the dr says, you are staying at the hospital and being admitted. We don't know why it went into Vtach and we can't say for sure it wont do it again. and you have to be admitted to ICU . so, i got to sit in the er for another couple hours, in my wheel chair, waiting for a stretcher. I finally got one, i called my husband, ( i told my work not to call and freak him out, i would call him) and then i went to ICU.
i had to have a stress test and a cardiac echo and VQ scan and all kinds of crap, not to mention blood test after blood test after blood test. Well, 20 years ago, i had blood clots . and guess what? they had returned with a vengeance. The entire episode was the result of a blood clot that went to my lungs, Tha was my chest pain, that was my rapid heart rate, that was my VTACH. a pulmonary embolism. I was lucky to be alive, and now , i am on blood thinners now and a beta blocker. I will probably be on the thinner forever and ever amen, but maybe not the beta blocker. i hope anyway.

The important thing, i am alive. I survived something that could have easily killed me. I am beyond blessed. and i have a new lease on life. but i have to get back to my pre clot level of movement and then i can start building from there. sigh. emoticon
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    I know this is an old post, but WOW! Scary! So glad to hear you were alright! Good thing you work at a hospital!! :) I pray 2016 has been less stress-filled, and 2017 even better!

    Merry Christmas!
    1330 days ago
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