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Personality Disorders

Saturday, June 06, 2015

I am a nurse as many of you already know. Sometimes a difficult patient has a personality disorder. One that is underdiagnosed frequently is Borderline Personality Disoder. I was doing some research to see how to handle this patient and realized I have some of the same tendencies.. LOL we all do.... quirks in our personality.

I did a double take and said Rachel You are are being a hypochondriac, obsessive compulsive, schizotypal ..... LOL I am perfectly normal.

But the Borderline Personality is characterized by
1. Self destructive behavior.... alchohol, drugs, sex, binge eating, may have had suicide attempts
2. Rigidity in accepting others .. for instance "I failed to call a friend on Monday and he is ready to ditch me as a friend at all."
3. They jump into relationships quickly and are "in love " and when it does not work out then they are extremely angry and pitch tantrums.
4. Pitch tantrums a lot... slamming doors, breaking thins, basically acting like a 3 year old.
5. Usually early childhood trauma is linked to this diagnosis. Sexual/ physical abuse, physical ailment that required surgery.
6. 75 percent of the time it is women but 25 percent men have this disorder...
7. They have "rund off" most of their family and friends and have difficulty maintaining any new friendships.

Very interesting... I have a friend that has all of these symptoms.. Do you?

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