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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Got my vitamin d back.
Ok, here is my question for everyone.
How often do you get information from your doctor that you consider wrong, or, well, if not wrong, at least uninformed??
and do you follow the doctors advice/treatment, or do you ever decide you know better??

When I broke my foot in Jan 2013, I was first diagnosed as being vitamin d deficient.
I had no idea.
when I was diagnosed was a few months after I broke my foot, it wasnt healing. The sports injury specialist I was going to tested me and
My level was 17 ng/ml. Or 17 nanograms per millileter. I was told that I needed to get it up closer to 70.
That anything under 50 was considered low and anything under 30 was considered deficient.
So, I was put on a supplement and began eating foods high in vitamin d, getting as much sun as I could and slowly it came up and with the help of a bone growth stimulator, by fall my foot was healed.
So, here is my issue. My current level tested at 59. not too bad, was hoping it was up nearer to 80.
In the last 2 years of being tested, its fluctuated between 21 and 72.
So my doctors office told me that anything between 18 and 58 was normal.
So, if 18 was normal, why was I put on supplements?

Groups I have joined for support all say that levels in the 30s is even dangerously low.
My ortho told me that as well, he wanted me to be closer to 90.
Bone doctors who deal more with broken bones and such tend to study this a little more and treat their patients for the deficiency.
My ortho told me that the broken foot was actually a blessing in disquise.
Had I not broke my foot, the low vitamin d could eventually have lead to heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and many other health issues. Including alzheimers.
It has been found to affect hormone issues in women, as well as fertility problems.
So why arent doctors testing their patients as part of a regular screening??
My own doctor didnt even know there was a prescription strength vitamin d3. She had been prescribing me d2, which studies show isnt the kind of vitamin d the human body makes on its own, we need d3. She wouldnt write it for me, she said she didnt know enough about it.
I tossed the script for d2, and bought otc D3 myself.
My own theory is that, if the patient is no longer deficient in these areas, b12, d, etc, then their health begins to improve, blood pressure and diabetes and other issues begin to heal themselves, much the way that losing weight helps in these areas.
Doctors would no longer have as many patients and would not be able to justify prescribing high amounts of pain meds, bp meds, etc.
This is a personal theory of course. But one I stand by.

Ask your doc to throw in an 25 hydroxy vitamin d test, next time they do screenings.
Ok, I am no doctor but this is my advice.
and if they tell you its normal, dont accept that, ask for the number.
Just as my doctor told me my blood work was "normal" I insisted on the numbers and a copy of the actual paper from the lab.

I got on the scale this morning, against my better judgement, but I found that same number from weeks ago, when I bragged that I had lost 4 pounds.

For now, I am treating this as a loss and I am eating healthy and I am working out and I am not going to totally freak out if that weight comes back, it could be bathroom ghost playing tricks on me.
Or......maybe my vitamin d level rose and added weight lol lol
humor, gotta get thru the day somehow.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    With all my son's ups and downs, I feel confident in saying that if you don't like/don't have confidence in a doc, switch. That was one of the really good decisions I made regarding my son.
    1956 days ago
    I understand doctors ordering tests when you're a new patient or have a new problem and as maintenance once or twice a year to see if anything has changed. But I agree with Valerie, doctors don't have time to explain everything to their patients, even when they can charge for an extended visit, because they are allotted a certain time limit (I think it's 15 minutest at the most) per patient no matter what they are being seen for. I've recently changed doctors because of the same kind of issue. Good luck and I'm glad your foot has healed.

    1956 days ago
    I was a medical technologist (medical laboratory specialist) so I know something about blood tests. Whereas 18-58 may be the "normal range" for your age and gender - it is not "optimal". In order to heal your foot, your Vit D should be higher like your ortho doctor recommended (closer to 90). You are very smart to ask for a copy of your lab results. Doctors just don't have the time to spend with every patient and explain everything like they should. So happy your foot has healed !
    1956 days ago
    I have been having some of the same issues with my doctor and my thyroid medicine. When I feel well he drops it, although another doctor has told me that was a bad idea, and all of my symptoms flare up again. I am looking into changing doctors because I am tired of the health roller coaster. If I were you I would follow the advice of the specialist. Best of luck emoticon
    1957 days ago
  • GORDON66
    Dealing with doctors can often be frustrating, but it comes down to a matter of trust. As for tests, that might have something to do with insurance. If the doctor is ordering lots of tests, it could be defensive medicine too. It would appear that your doctors take your best interests to heart.

    Enjoy your walk!!


    1957 days ago
    I find doctors only give out pills to solve problems, actually treating the problem, would be alot more time consuming and cut into their profits. emoticon
    1957 days ago
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