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Cake, beer, and airplanes

Sunday, July 05, 2015

I did it! I made it through the Fourth, managing to indulge a bit, have fun, and stay in my calorie range. It took more planning than I usually do (pre-entering the evening's cake into my tracker in the AM), and I was probably a bit neurotic with my friends ("How many shrimp do you guys think are in 6 ounces?"). Still, it paid off! I finished in my calorie range, and if you take beer and cake carbs as "nutrition," I finished in a healthy value range as well! ;-) Joking aside, I managed to do what I set out to do, and see no gain/retention on the scale today--hooray! It's a good illustration for me of how working treats into a healthy eating plan can look . For a day, it worked to shave calories off my meals and skip a snack, knowing I was going to have cake and beer later. I was hungrier than I liked, and definitely lost some nutritional value--fine for occasions, but I wouldn't want to do this on a regular basis!

Today will be cobbling together what I can from what's in my kitchen, since I'm leaving town tomorrow, and don't want to buy groceries, obviously. It should be okay, though.

Speaking of, I bought some healthy snacks for my travel day! Nuts, jerky, lentil crackers. I've taken this flight before, and the timing is such that I'll get to the hotel in DC after the hotel restaurant and little pantry shop are closed, but I never buy food on the plane, either--so end up starving, and bingeing on whatever the concierge hooks me up with (seriously, I've taken this exact flight 4 years in a row--same thing every time). While it's sweet of hotel staff to give me, say a king size Snickers for free, or a couple packs of those peanut butter sandwich crackers, I can do better.

Alright, I have to walk my dog and clean my house before it gets too hot. Enjoy the end of the holiday weekend!
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