Sorry I took a hiatus from SP but I'm back again! :)

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Hi friends! I've received such sweet messages from all of you about missing me being away from SP for a few months. Honestly, it wasn't intentional. I joined Weight Watchers at the end of March, and I got so engrossed in the program that I didn't really make the time to log into SP each day and regularly blog like I had started to earlier in the year. Truth be told, being on SP (and a handful of other social media pages), plus keeping up with running a household takes a lot of time! So my new goal is to pop into SP whenever I can. I don't need to get sucked in to doing a hundred things every time I log in, but I do need to stay connected to people here, track my experience, and get some regular motivation to help me reach my goals.

My WW journey started after having a conversation with my husband one night and also came with the support from one of my best friends who's lost nearly 50 lbs on the plan! I've been teetering between losing 10 and 13 pounds since I've started, but I admit I've been REALLY bad about tracking and staying within my Points Plus range, so each week has been kind of up and down for the last month. I can blame it on vacations, tons of family gatherings and going out to eat, not having time to exercise, etc. but the truth is, I have NOT been good about tracking my food. I haven't been diligent about staying within my Points Plus limit. And when I know I've gone over for the week, I find myself throwing in the towel for the next few days. UGH. And there have been times I've intentionally skipped meeting because I know I've gained that week, and that gets me even more upset with myself. So I'm really working on staying on-track through the week and being more honest with myself about what I'm eating.

Another hurdle I've noticed is SUGAR. I think I've blogged about it here before, but I really truly think I have an addiction to it. I've been buying Weight Watchers ice cream bars (which are only 2-3 PP a piece), but find myself craving another and another and another... Before I know it, I've blown through my PP for the day and sometimes the week. I am really struggling with getting my binge eating under control again. So now I'm debating clearing out any "healthy" foods that have loads of sugar (like the ice cream bars, flavored yogurts, granola bars, frozen meals, etc.) and really just focusing on fruit as an alternative. (Fruit is 0 PP. Yay!)

I should also mention that we're trying to get pregnant again. (!) So of course, I'm trying my best to get healthy for when that time comes so I can start off my pregnancy at a healthy weight and have some good eating/exercise habits established to carry through my pregnancy.

Another thing I have to mention that happened to me... My husband's cousin was home from London, England for her baby shower and it turned into a huge family reunion, which was really fun. But while at her shower, her husband's mother asked me when I was due. As in, when is my baby due because it looks like I'm pregnant. (SOB.) It was incredibly awkward and I said, "Oh, I just have a little extra around the middle. I'm not pregnant." The fact that I had a miscarriage in the Fall even made the blow even harder to take. His mom was obviously embarrassed, but just said, "Oh I'm still trying to get rid of my baby weight too! Ha!" I had to step away and spend a few moments crying in the bathroom and collecting myself before I could come out again. Here I am trying so hard to stick with this program, and have struggled for so many years now trying to keep my weight down and make positive changes, and her comment really just made me feel so self-conscious and embarrassed. And to make it worse, this is the SECOND TIME someone has asked me this question in the past year. It should really light a fire under my butt to get moving, but it's honestly just kind of made me depressed.

So here I am today - Kind of back on track and happy to be following a new weight loss plan to help give me some direction and accountability, but still fighting those sugar demons and trying to make myself a priority. I'm really looking forward to all the positive support and motivation from all my Spark Friends. You guys are awesome! Hugs!!! :)

PS Here's a picture of me with my husband and his pregnant cousin from London. I'm glad I've lost a little weight, but still think I look SO bad here! It's still always a wake-up call for me when I see myself in pictures. I've got a long way to go, but am glad I'm working on refocusing my efforts and hope for more success SOON! :)

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  • MLYN92
    Welcome back! It's so great to read your blogs and other blogs and see that there are others out there thinking, feeling and doing the same things. I hope you continue to blog here and good luck with those sugar demons!
    1651 days ago
    Hi, I love this blog. I appreciate your honesty. I have every faith in your abilities. I believe if we can love ourselves how we are now, we have a better chance of making good choices today and tomorrow.

    1652 days ago
    I'm glad you're back! I feel you with the sugar thing. I started eating low carb/low sugar in January, and it's no joke. I haven't had a potato or a piece of bread since I started, but I do find really great sugar free substitutes for my favorite sweets, and I don't seem to get that dreadful feeling after. I know the sugar alcohols aren't great for you either which is why I moderate my intake, but it's a small change I feel works for me!
    1656 days ago
    Welcome back
    Which city do u live
    Me Arcanum may join WW in August done it but never stick with it
    Sugar I am so addicted I did give it up 6 weeks but like you said threw in the towel

    1656 days ago
    Welcome back! I haven't been keeping up on the WW program, but wonder if it would help to count points on a rolling 7 day basis so that you're not tempted to throw in the towel if you're over the point range in the middle of a week.? If you try counting on a rolling 7 - maybe it will help to look forward to stacking up good days in a row to see that bad day roll off?? Just a suggestion. I've tried many different things, and it's always hard no matter how you cut it.

    You look great in the picture - happy and enjoying time with family!
    1656 days ago
    Yesterday is history. (You can't change it)
    Tomorrow is a mystery. (It might not come.)
    And today is a gift. (Enjoy today by keeping yourself accountable for your actions on this day)

    Hold yourself accountable by going to the meetings.

    Oh, welcome back!

    1657 days ago
    Glad you decided to come back. I definitely understand not having the time to do tons of things here! Life has to be lived. emoticon

    Hoping you'll continue to post.

    Congratulations on your 10-13 pounds! emoticon

    Don't let anyone's comments get you down. Sometimes people just WANT other women to be pregnant so they look for ANY sign of pregnancy. You look lovely in this
    picture and I hope you remember to be proud of what you've accomplished.

    emoticon emoticon
    1657 days ago
  • ARAZA30
    Welcome back! Glad you're still staying strong & healthy.
    1657 days ago
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