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Friday, July 17, 2015

Today was a good day. As usual, food certainly wasn't perfect and I haven't tracked it yet, but it was an active day outside with my son so that counts for something right?

The weather was, as expected, extremely hot. For us anyway in northern Illinois. High temps in the 90's with the heat index being well into the 100's. So at 10 am ( and 85 degrees and humid already) we were ready for the local waterpark to open for the day. I hadn't been there in well over 15 years, but we won 2 season pass vouchers for the season at a food bank fundraiser dinner last fall and decided today was the day to stop in. It was awesome!

My almost 6 year old, who is not comfortable at all with floating or treading water even, and whom I have seen almost drown twice (once right in front of two instructors at a swim class...) so I have to stay close, we found enough to do to have a blast and stay there for over 5 hours! He had so much fun, nothing crazy happened, and it was paid for - awesome!

On the plus side, lots of sunshine, lots of walking, I packed a healthy light lunch since I assumed we'd only be there about 2 hours (ha!), lots of sitting on my butt...

On the negatives, extra food purchased as we got hungry, extra drinks as we got thirsty...Things not on the plan?: pizza, smoothie (though they had nutrition info and it was 160calories, no fat and we shared...) gatorade and dippin dots, all shared at least. It definitely could have been worse, I suppose. Now I know though to pack lots of snacks and bottles of water, etc. I could bring fruit, healthy many options.

So where am I at right now regarding my plan? I don't have much of one. I'm just starting again and right now I'm trying to make smarter choices with food and be more active, slowly increasing my vigilance of both.

I think the timing of my renewed motivation to be getting fit and healthier is partially due to Amanda Bingson. Google her. She is on one of the covers for I think it is ESPN's body issue magazine. She is an awesome athlete that is over 200 lbs and has uber body confidence. She is amazing and inspiring. I follow her on facebook now. Then today as an added bonus I saw that a magazine called Women's Running put a runner on the cover that leaned more into the plus-size range. They stated that running is definitely not just a skinny person's sport, and if you need any evidence of that look at the finish line of a 5k or even up through a marathon and you will see all types of bodies encompassing the amazing runners.

I like this approach. There is so much negativity about bodies, for instance in an attempt to be proud of bigger sizes, we now have skinny shaming, the whole "real women have curves" and "who wants to snuggle with a stick" labels I've seen in memes. All women are real. Some are naturally very straight slim bodies, others are curvy, short, tall, whatever. I understand why it started, as being proud of your curves and knowing lots of people like that in a significant other. That's all great, seriously!! :) but it's the left unsaid insinuation that if you don't have curves, if you were born with straight hips and small boobs you are somehow less real?

Then there is the backlash towards people who are big and share pics in bikinis or whatever and are proud and sexy feeling, the comments of "but you are still obese, you are still not healthy no matter how confident you are" It just seems like a constant fight, constant bickering, as with any issue on social media I suppose, no matter the approach of people who are just trying to find a way to love themselves proudly.

So what I find SO appealing for me personally following and supporting, seeing these larger athletes is that first they are undeniably doing things for their health. They are aware of their size, they are solid, they have muscles, they have endurance, they are confident, they are vibrant and happy. It's also bringing to the surface, into the public's consciousness, the fact that there are many states in between overweight and skinny. That you don't go from your first frustrating attempt at jogging to being a trim marathoner overnight (and that skinny runner doesn't have to be your end goal!) There's so much pride to be had at all of the stages wherever you are. I remember feeling so fit and athletic and proud of myself when I was really active on here before, running, zumba, kickboxing, biggest loser dvds, yoga, etc. That's what I want to feel again.

We are all doing things to be proud of. Are you working your muscles? That's something to be proud of. Are you improving? there you go. Most of us may not be aiming for the olympics or a marathon even, but we can be athletes. We are training. We are competing, even if only against ourselves and our last best time. We are dancers, runners, weight lifters, swimmers, kickboxers, yogis, etc etc. I like the focus on being fit. on being strong no matter what your current body shape is. and that beauty and fitness don't always look the same and fit into a perfect box. It's okay for us to have different plans and different goals. My goal weight, body type, workout goals, etc will be very different from yours. But we are all here to be a healthier version of ourselves. So let's all keep on supporting each other no matter what. Support the person with 200 lbs to lose and the one that's at goal weight but has some new goal (like a running PB). And here I know I'll get that. I know there are lots of awesome people here that feel that way, and I can't wait to continue this oft interrupted journey with you :)

Next up for me is figuring out a more solid plan. Working on tracking more and scheduling workouts. Also sometime soon I'm getting an elliptical that we've been saving for forever, and in the fall my son's entering Kindergarten so that will be nice to have a set schedule to work with, but I'll do my best until then! Hopefully my next blog won't be so all over the place ramble-y ;)

Oh, also the opportunity came up where I *might* be able to go to some free workout classes in the area and review them! If that possibility progresses, I'll keep you posted!
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    Yup... we don't need to go to extremes... just learn to love ourselves as we are, and ,I personally think, continue to strive towards good health, be the best we can be at whatever it is we are meant to be good at. Good blog.
    2010 days ago
    We all have different goals, and different views on what is healthy or possible. I read a great book titled "The slow, fat triathlete"... It really encouraged me to keep striving. I like to compete against myself, and try to increase my distance or speed regularly, but I am still never going to be skinny or petite... it just isn't possible or healthy with my body type.
    2011 days ago
    what a great, positive blog! I would consider myself fit but my body still bears the scars of being obese for so long. This summer I want to wear the bikini I purchased in the spring, and I'm still terrified, despite being much fitter than I have ever been in my life, because I'm afraid someone will criticize me. But I'm going to do it anyway. I'm going to be brave!

    My step sister is a long distance cold water swimmer. She's done the Triple Crown of cold water swimming: Manhattan Island, Catalina Island, and the English Channel. She was the FIRST PERSON to swim the length of Lake Pend Oreille in Idaho, which is 32.3 miles and it took her TWENTY HOURS STRAIGHT. But if you saw her on the street few people would guess she is such a great athlete because she carries extra weight.


    Athletes are everywhere and you can't always tell them by sight!

    2011 days ago
  • TANYA602
    Great blog! There are some amazing ads and support out there in recognizing that we are all different and come in different packages. Even though I have been at goal for two years now I still have self-esteem issues. I've been reading a blog to learn more about how to get over that hurdle and how to get past some other issues I have.

    It sounds like you are in the right frame of mind, and setting your goals is the next important step. How cool that you have passes for the water park, and maybe some free workouts. And an elliptical? Very cool! That was my first piece of equipment that helped make a difference (since I don't like going to gyms).

    Sounds hot there! Yikes! We are in the middle of an INTENSE thunder and lightning strike this morning, but our temps won't get that high. We're actually heading to Chicago next week!

    Keep plugging away! You are back on the road to fitness and strength! 'Love it!!
    2011 days ago
    You've got this!
    2011 days ago
  • BEFIT021
    I've always envied the obese women I've seen at the beach or pool who wear a bathing suit. To be that comfortable with yourself has to be an emoticon feeling! Personally, I can't remember the last time I wore a bathing suit. I always wear shorts & a tank--and I wegh 130 lbs but I'm just not that comfortable with myself.

    Just take things one day at a time. Work on a little at a time, then consolidate it. emoticon
    2011 days ago
    Sounds like you are seeking your direction, you how am I going to do this or game plan. It is so important to have a plan, something that can be your true north in this difficult task of weight loss and being healthy. When you have your plan, you stick to it like fire and you will achieve your goals. That's the other thing, we all need to be very clear or our goal and then go totally wild and put a date on it. Something realistic yet challenging. You can do it! I don't do well if I have too many goals. I just have one goal when it comes to health -- take the weight off by September 30th. It is written in my head and drives me each day. I am pushing hard to reach it. When I get to that point I'll set a new one. But I can only focus on this one thing right now -- and that is it. Your goal will be different -- and you will do well achieving it!

    Take care,
    Sheila emoticon
    2011 days ago
    Thanks for sharing. You can do it!
    2011 days ago
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