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Monday, July 20, 2015

Well, this weekend was a fun one, though not the greatest foodwise. I'm just starting out again, I'm not going to freak out, but I'm not going to make excuses and ignore it either. I'm tracking it and learning and moving forward.

Saturday I did some stuff around the house and then we went to a cookout couples wedding shower. I ate too much, had some drinks (when I say I had some drinks I am referring to alcohol...) - I think it was 2 beers and a glass of moscato. There were lots of yummy sides and burgers and brats and cupcakes. I decided to forget the brats and burgers, which we grill often since we own a meat processing plant and it's so quick to throw on the grill, and I just stuck with sides. They had salad stuff, so I had a big leafy green salad with tomatoes, a little cheese and some italian dressing (they had Olive Garden italian, tasted fabulous). They had fresh fruit which I also ate a lot of. But then I snacked too much on those tortilla pinwheel things with some sort of cream cheese spread, some cheese and bacon things and some mac n cheese. That's a lot of cheese! I did drink a lot of water, and I'd say most of what I ate was fruits and veggies, but I still overdid it with the others. Oh and when it came to cupcakes, my table took one each of three different flavors, I cut them in quarters, and then we sampled them, so I don't think I had quite a whole one. So...better than I would have in the past, but I still know the points where I should not have had as much of certain things.

Social events always get me. I'm a fidgeter and I have a bit of social anxiety and I can be a bit introverted... Being around a lot of people, especially when I don't really know half of them, makes me anxious. And as it's rude to be looking at my phone the whole time, I tend to drink, and eat, and drink, and eat. Please! if anyone has ideas for a way to politely fidget and get my anxiety out that's not food or drink related let me know! Yes I could have just drank water or nibbled on fruit, but any other ideas or perspectives, I'll gladly take! :)

So then yesterday we had an end of season party for my son's baseball team (it's just coach pitch/ t-ball and over already) and it was so fun! My husband went to high school with a lot of the parents (gotta love small towns!) so he knew a lot of people and I knew a few from the games. The kids were all playing in one of those inflatable pools with slides and stuff and the adults sat on the patio talking and drinking and snacking. Once again there were hot dogs and brats which I skipped. I did have some taco dip and chips, a taco salad type thing and some hummus and veggies - not bad. But then...I had probably 5 beer type drinks over the course of the day (like Mike's hard lemonade and stuff, too sugary too!), we were there a good 6 hours - not too bad, but calorie-wise - eek! Now let me clarify I don't do drunk. I had that phase in my 20's, but it's just not fun anymore. Pleasantly buzzed and bubbly are what I do now ;)

So...I made some early initial long and short term goals and plans. I have a plan for this week, the next month or so (the rest of this month and august), 3 months, year and 3-5 years. In this weeks was: no more drinks. Not 1. I don't care what comes up I had a week's worth this weekend, I'm good. It's funny I can go weeks or months without a drink and then social events come up all at once and I feel like a lush... emoticon But I know that if I want to be healthy and do this, I can't be partying it up every weekend. I can go to a cookout and just drink water. So in my 1+ month plan I think is 0-1 drink per week, with a possible slight exception for the bachelorette and wedding. But then still it will be limited like 2-3 at most! I can do this. And this is the first wedding I've been to in I think almost 6 years! So it's not like we go to them all the time. So I'll be preparing for that I suppose, it's on 8/15 I think, so I know I need to really tighten down before that just in case. that is kind of cool actually because I can then give myself a small timeframe to work with to start out. Like let's see how good I can be leading up to the wedding...That will be one of my motivations! :)

Anyway I also wrote up some steps to accomplish my goals (like pushing water and unsweetened tea, doing my strength workouts and at least 1 dvd per week, etc) and I made very small weight loss goals. I don't lose as fast as I used to, and if I exceed the goals, awesome! I think my goal for 3 months is 10 lbs. and about 25 for a year ( i know the math doesn't even out, I just didn't want to get overwhelmed. I'll adjust the numbers as I go with what seems reasonable.) But I want to exceed them, I feel like pushing myself!But psychologically I have to do what works for me and big goals that are hard to reach are actually discouraging for me, too much pressure, where easy goals boost me up more. Weird, I know.

I had actually somehow forgotten about the fitness minutes trophies and my recommended for the week in my fitness tracker, so I'm super excited to use those as motivation to get my minutes in and get my butt moving. Those really help to push me! I already know one of my august goals will revolve around those minutes! I went back and added some minutes for last weekend when we spent two straight days basically at the beach. I did lots of swimming/treading water and walking on the beach and other places, so I think it was reasonable I just tracked 60 minutes of treading water for each day to encompass how active we were. Then for friday, the day spent at the water park, I tracked I think an hour of slow walking - we were there 6 hours and didn't do much sitting, lots of walking in the shallow water and back and forth all over the park, so I thought that was fair.

I think I'm going to do Friday morning weigh-ins. I have no idea where I'll be after this weekend and hopefully a really healthy next few days, but we'll see and go from there.

I've been killing time (blogging!) waiting for the dew on the grass to dry some before I get mowing, but I need to get moving so I can get to work. We have 5 acres but only mow about 3 acres, and have a riding mower, but it still takes up to 3's funny, I need to sync my SPAT because I wore it during the day last time I mowed, and when I got done I checked it and it lit up all the way, it probably logged like 3 hours of jogging(we have a bumpy yard...haha)! oops! So I'm not going to put it on until after mowing this time...or I'll just skip it today. Either way I gotta get moving! I need to mow, shower, lunch, work, then grocery store and write out meals! I planned some dinners revolving around things we have in the house to get rid of, they aren't bad meals, then it's back to planning ones right out of my healthy cookbooks! :) Starting slowly but with a plan in place!

Hope everyone has a great day! :)
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  • TANYA602
    I love how honest you are with yourself and with your goals and plans. You will make this work for you! I did have to laugh about the "drinks"! I gave it up all together for the first 16 months. And now if I have more than 2 beers or two glasses of wine I am toasted. We pretty much stick to water and have a glass of wine (or two) on our Friday nite date. I anticipate that will change this week while we are gone, though.

    The strength training will reap wonderful calorie burns! Mowing the yard sounds like quite a chore. I would have to have music on and then I could do it. Our yard is so tiny that mowing it takes me about 10 minutes at the most!

    It sounds like you are having a fabulous summer! Good job with the weigh in today!
    2007 days ago

    Hey. If you switch to Friday, we can be weight in buddies! :)

    I hear you about drinking. I had several a few days ago and man the hang over was terrible! emoticon Also saw a weight loss of 3 pounds, than a weight gain the next day of 4! lol. Decided that it wasn't worth it and that I wont be drinking for awhile.

    Looking it up, it looks like a lot of people experience water weight after the first day of drinking and takes a few days to fall off.
    2007 days ago
    I eat and drink more in social situations too. I just don't like crowds.

    It sounds like you have a good plan.
    2009 days ago
    I have to mow too. It is amazing how much activity we can get done just... doing! I understand the food and drinks. Julia Cameron says in the writing diet that if we keep writing "I should" then eventually we will. In the mean time celebrating our accomplishments is the best motivation to continue changing towards healthy. Hurray! and keep it up!
    2009 days ago
  • SUE5007
    Sounds like you had a fun weekend! I need to grocery shop today too. I absolutely have to meal plan so I can make a list of what to buy. Otherwise I will always forget something and having a list of meal options for the week is much more motivating when it comes time to cook dinner. Cheers!
    2009 days ago
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