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Monday, 7/20/15

Monday, July 20, 2015

Began the day at the gym and then got school done with the kids easily. I have decided that Isaac will be doing all subjects except Math first since that appears to be the subject that comes with the most anger if it is going to come. Used to be we did Math first as the day was fresher, but no more. At the first sign of anger/frustration I will close his book and he will then wait to do his math in the evening with his dad. I am done letting our entire day be ruined by the anger over schoolwork. He did very well today issues at all.

We also had to split the school time up due his swim lesson and he is doing very well with the class. I think he will pass out of it as he is the best swimmer in the group and he isn't having great issues with any of the strokes. Do you suppose he could be a lifeguard at some point? The focus would be an issue, but it makes you wonder if he could push himself to do if he wanted it enough.

After lunch I headed out to my dad's doctor appointment. Started with an oxygen walking test and he did do better with the oxygen the second time down the hallway.

Afterwards we waited for the pulmonary doctor. We had to go to the lab downstairs after the appointment for a blood draw and thankfully no waiting. We've been blessed recently with the lab and x-ray departments in that way with none to little wait times. We also had to schedule a couple more appointments. The next one is Wednesday afternoon and it is for an ultrasound to see how much fluid has actually collected on the outside of the right lung. The doctor did say there is no indication of heart failure which is typically when they see this. So while they do the scan they also plan to remove the fluid and do another blood draw. Then we go back Monday afternoon for another chest x-ray to make sure the fluid hasn't come back. We see the doctor right after the x-ray. I scheduled it for 4:15 p.m. as I have my Support Broker test at 1 that day and I need to not be rushing around before that.

Tomorrow.... school, swim lesson, swimming for the kids and then the gym for me.

July Gym Visit Goal: 20

I have now surpassed my previous high # of visits!!!
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