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Are You Being More Careful????????

Thursday, July 23, 2015

I was getting ready to go into my gardens early yesterday afternoon when the phone rang. It was my Mom, who is 91 years old. I had taken her to her doctor two weeks ago and while we were there, the doctor changed her blood pressure medications. At 91 and after 3 surgeries over the years on her bladder, she still has problems with leakage and is very careful to always be prepared. She discussed this with her doctor and told her that she has turned down invitations because she DID NOT want to have an accident. The doctor suggested a change in her medication and said to come back in 6 weeks to discuss how she was doing on this new med. The reason that Mom called me was to tell me that she was going back to the doctor that afternoon to discuss the side effects of the new medication. She was having erratic heart beats and her feet and ankles were swelling. Her own doctor couldn't see her yesterday, but made an appointment with a co-worker who is also a doctor in the same office. We were to be there by 3:40. The doctor talked to her, took a look at her feet and ankles and listened to her heart and lungs. Then she suggested going back to her original meds. We left the office and were on our way home, when my Mom said............"You know, that could have been taken care of with a simple phone call. I really feel that a lot of my appointments lately aren't in my best interest, but in the interest of making money for the clinic."

Have any of you felt this to be an issue............especially those of us over 60? Going to a clinic is so impersonal. I am old enough to remember a doctor who actually came to our home when we were sick and we knew him as a person. I know that it will NEVER be like THAT again...........but is it too much to expect that OUR CARE be the most important part of a visit to our doctor, and not just our co-pay and office call billing?

What are your thoughts on this? As we get older, we definitely become more vulnerable.

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    Yes, it is like that with almost everything anymore, sadly. Dealing with the doctor is like dealing with the insurance company itself or something. It's bad.
    1676 days ago
    Our doctors don't need to make money- we have the NHS- treatment is paid for by revenue raised on our taxes.
    1676 days ago
    1676 days ago
    Hi Patti,
    Without a doubt, I feel the same way that should have been taken care of with just a phone call. To them, it would be less revenue. It is so sad that doctors today do not give that kind of attention they did many years ago.
    Trusting the Lord that your Mom would feel better soon. Take care & have another blessed day!

    1676 days ago
    Health care is in a really bad place right now..... emoticon
    1676 days ago
    Peter's family doctor, who took me on after our marriage, moved to another community and we were without a family doctor for a couple of years until one of the practices in town brought in several new graduates.

    We were so lucky to get this young man, of East Indian origin, who was trained in the UK. He doesn't over-refer to specialists or request unnecessary tests. He doesn't make us feel rushed when we see him, answers all our questions, and best of all is very interested in gerontology and encourages people to stay in their own homes as long as possible, even visiting and providing palliative care at home when requested.

    I'm glad your mother's meds were straightened out. Perhaps because of her age her doctor thought it was best to see her rather than just tell her to go back to the original meds.

    1676 days ago
    1677 days ago
    1677 days ago
    AS a nurse, I can tell you that the attitudes towards patient care are driven by . . . . $$$$$ . . . what the insurance will pay for, or not. And then determining what the least expensive treatment alternative may be, even if that's not the most effective. Disgusting.
    1677 days ago
    It isn't just the elderly, but anyone with chronic health issues.
    1677 days ago
    I experienced that with my parents, it got to a point where they were going into the office every 2 weeks. I ended up having to sign my dad up for a doctor to come to the house. It got too hard to transport him.

    Nowadays they really won't do anything over the phone unless you have been seen recently. I am glad you took your mother in though, she is 91 and swelling of the ankles and feet could have been serious. Happy that she is ok. Hope her swelling goes down and the heart beat gets back to normal. Another thing that I have noticed at least with my doctor, it is hard to get them to address more than one or two issues at a time. They usually want to tackle one problem and have you make another appt. for the other issue. When I was younger my doctor would deal with everything in one visit if it was possible.

    Healthcare is definitely a different ball game now!

    1677 days ago
    Having one doctor consistently who knows you and your situation makes all the difference in the world. As doctors become more overworked, change office locations and/or practices, and work in groups instead of their individual offices, we all have to make certain adaptations. I agree as noted previously that in some cases, including this one, being seen was probably a good idea, especially since it involved new heart issues and because of your mother's age. I'm 69 and tend to think I know my body better than anyone else. But some of us, me included, forget that not everyone else knows us as well as we know ourselves, even with medical notes in front of them.

    1677 days ago
    My doctor's office will answer a lot of questions over the phone. But with your mom's symptoms, particularly the heartbeat irregularity and swelling extremities, she probably SHOULD be evaluated in person. Those could be signs of serious heart trouble. (In fact I am surprised the clinic didn't tell her to hang up the phone and call 911 when she made her appointment!)

    So glad she is doing okay, also very good you went with her!

    1677 days ago
  • MBPP50
    It is definitely more and more impersonal at doc's offices these days. One of the reasons I hated to move was because I had found excellent doctors that really cared about me and had to leave them. Hope your mom is okay. emoticon
    1677 days ago
    I haven't experienced that, but I know people who feel the same way. I think nowadays, doctors have to e so careful because of lawsuits and insurance and such. They don't want to even change a medication without seeing the patient, especially some one who is 91. Congrats on having your mother so long. Sounds like she's pretty sharp, too!

    BTW, my doctor recently changed my BP medicine over the phone. Of course I'm only 65. We discussed it when I was in for my check-up a few months ago. I told him I was losing weight and exercising. He said I would eventually need to take a lower dose if I kept up my healthy regiment. When I finished the other bottle, I called and told him I had lost 38 pounds, I was still exercising and my current average BP. I told him I was ready for a lower dosage or a different medication. He phoned it in for me. Of course we've been this route before and he is very familiar with my case.
    1677 days ago
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