Help Shut Down the Illegal Dog Meat Trade in Thailand

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

This is very sad and possibly the most horrific act of animal cruelty any human being on this planet has ever done to an animal . Warning it's not easy to listen to so I strongly suggest that if you're a dog lover do not click on the video BUT PLEASE ! read the article and For these poor tortured family pets , please at least sign the Petition . It's the least as humans that we can do .

Please act immediately to stop thousands of dogs from being tortured and butchered for their meat.

Every aspect of the dog meat trade in Southeast Asia is horrifically cruel.

You can save thousands of dogs from unspeakable pain by adding your name to Soi Dog’s global petition. It calls on Thailand’s leaders to crack down hard on the criminals who profit from the agony of animals.

The trade’s terrified victims, many of them family pets, are crushed into cages and suffer horribly on the prolonged journey to slaughter.

They are transported to primitive abattoirs that should be called torture chambers.

There, these poor animals are not just killed. Instead, they are often systematically and brutally beaten, skinned alive or boiled alive.

These horrors are inflicted because of the barbaric belief that when they are in pain, their bodies release adrenaline that softens their meat.
Terror, torture, then a painful death. This is quite possibly the worst form of cruelty humans could inflict on innocent animals.

You can put a stop to this. Add your name to the petition now. For some reason the link isn't a direct link so copy the link and paste it to your search bar , it will get you to the Petition

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    USMAWIFE , it should be disgusting to the whole world . There is no good reason for this level of animal cruelty .How can any human being be so dam heartless , how can they live with themselves knowing that not only did you kill a helpless defenseless loving animal but you had to insanely torture it first . Thank God it's not human meat they crave . If you don't have empathy with animals, you don't really have empathy at all.
    2037 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/5/2015 8:07:58 PM
    There are so many countries in the west that do this and it is disgusting to all those in North America
    2037 days ago
    Thanks to Texasfilly the link is now working !!!


    Mamalou added that it's on facebook as well , again please go to The Soi Dog Foundation on fb and share this to everyone you can !

    2037 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/5/2015 7:29:22 PM
    What is wrong with people ? Dogs give unconditional love , they are thinking animals that show emotion and thought . I cried my self to sleep last night with my Emma in my arms after learning this news . It's burned in my heart for ever now. I pray that someone of power can shut this barbaric heartless act down . Sadly because it's 'only a dog' (which I hear a lot of times) and not humans , most people turn a blind eye and think it will go away.

    Thanks for letting me know it's on FB Bless you !
    2037 days ago
  • MAMALOU1942
    There is a site on Facebook called "The Soi Dog Foundation.}
    It is a site to check out to see how these poor dogs are helped.
    These poor animals are mistreated every day.
    I was in Thailand at one of the beaches and a poor mama dog came up to our group so I gave her something to eat. A Thai lady came up to us and started to beat the dog. In words that I shall not repeat I basically told her to stop, get out of our area and do not go anywhere near that poor dog.
    Maybe if the Thai people spayed and neutered their animals there wouldn't be such a problem.
    2037 days ago
    Please share this on Facebook and anywhere were it will be seen so other can be aware and hopefully sign the Petition and help put a stop to this sicken act of Barbaric Animal Cruelty.
    2037 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/5/2015 6:43:11 PM
    I can't get on the page, it doesn't work!!!!!
    2037 days ago
    I don't know why the link isn't a direct link but if you copy it and paste it into your search bar it will get you there.
    2037 days ago
    2037 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2037 days ago
  • GEORGE815
    Never knew of the reason before. Most animals that a killed will emit toxins in their body. Thanks for the info.
    2037 days ago
    You can put a stop to this.PLEASE Add your name to the petition now.
    2037 days ago
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