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Monday, August 10, 2015

Last Saturday while shopping again or clothes, a shocking experience happened. As most of you know, the weight is coming off, and my eyes and mind are learning to realize it has come to time to shop for clothes. Why mightyou as, because I am not the gal who wears size 26 pants anymore. My pants crotches are about down to my knees as I speak.

So that was a shocking experience. But another shocking exerience happened WHILE shopping. I could not find any pants to fit me in the WOMENS PLUS SECTION. Now what do I do? After searching about two hours unsuccessfully, I might add, a thought come to me. it said " Go to the other side" What? I asked myself. What other side? I looked around and saw no other side. So I thought, I'll ignore that thought. Then the thought came back again, "Go to th other." I wondered where this "Other side was. Then my eyes saw across the aisle, it said WOMENS MISSES SECTION: MMM Fat chance I qill find somethingthere. So ignors my thoughts. Next The "thought persuer" came back to me and said again, Go over to the otheside. OhI cant do that, those are clothes for normal size people. Go and just look. MMM OKAY ..Ill just do a quick look for wishful thinking..I just be a moment...was my thinkng. And as you probably guessed I saw beautiful clothes. Try some pants on...mmmmm nope dont want tomripthe seams out. Try some pants on..And what inmy wodring eye shall behold but a pair of pants in the misses sizes that fit me. Waig how did that happwn. Me n normal size clothes.

I also noticed the style of my clothes have changed. there are soo many different styles and colors lots of color, here in the misses section. I am liking clothes that I have previously thought, looked good on someone else but not for me. Yes I actually purchased a whole outfit that is knew for less then 20dollars . I did some shopping in other store and got the sa,e results. I needed the smaller sizes.

I purchased some of the tops ans one pair of pants for my new but tem'orary" wordrobe.
Well bope to see you soon. Drop me aline, and let's chat
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