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Technology and Spark-

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sometimes, in this technological age, yer life's goals for the day can change on a dime!
Other peoples, "wants and desires" can hamper your plans---
This happens a lot in this house---and these people (our grown kids)- don't even live with us!

Yesterday the phone rang---It was son#2, the Air Canada Pilot----His Lady friend needed a note telling her employee , she was ill.
"Just get Dad (who is a Doctor) to write it up Mom"---he said-----"And email it to me!"----
He wanted it right there and now----
When it didn't arrive in the one minute window he gave me ---the phone rang again!
"Take a picture on your I Pad Mom, of the note and send it to me."
"Lord love a Duck", I said to himself as I dropped the leash, as I was ready to walk a German (as in dog) who was chomping at the bit to go out.

We have telephone numbers for Pharmacys right across Canada--even some in the U.S.-----Himself has written prescriptions for our kids dog's eyes----our grown kids children with a sore ear-- Himself's brother who called us at 2am one morning from an airport somewhere, needing something for nausea---
Life is never dull, it seems----and this technology all around me, can complicate a day's routine---
It also can put some Spark into a life----get me outside, walking----IF I don't answer the phone!-

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • GABY1948
    1577 days ago
    what? emoticon ...best to go for a walk, for sure!! emoticon emoticon and then another and another!! No phones!! emoticon
    1577 days ago
    1579 days ago
    Oh my goodness! I bet you REALLY enjoyed your walk!
    1579 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    Kids, no matter their ages, all take advantage of their parents, and it's neverending!
    1579 days ago
    Sometimes it's nice to just turn it all off.
    1579 days ago
    Interesting how just answering a telephone can bring stresses into one's day!

    On this side of the computer screen, we don't pick up if we do not recognize the name & number; figuring if it is important & truly for us a message will be left; however, that doesn't always save us from stresses &/or demands on our time that we hadn't bargained for.

    One time a gal from a Bible study called & asked if I was doing anything (of course, I am always doing something); come to find out she had fallen on her walk in the park earlier that morning & was in the ER with broken bones in her foot. Her next question was would I pick her up & give her a ride home. So off to the ER I went believing that she was ready to leave & that my "errand of mercy" would take no longer than a hour & a half, at most. How wrong I was - when I got to the ER, she hadn't even been seen by a doctor, so we were there another four hours. Afterwards, I thought I should have told her that I was going home & she could give me a call, when she was discharged to leave.

    Much to my surprise, we ended up going to umpteen places to find crutches for her to use while her foot healed (seemed none of the places she insisted we needed to go had any to loan - finally, we went to the place I had suggested to begin with & found what she needed - I might add here that the place was just blocks from the hospital & within an area, I was familiar with), pet store for dog food for her dogs, grocery shopping, & going to lunch (she insisted that she wanted to go to a restaurant & we ended up in there for a good two hours, because she wanted to sit a bit. Even after that late afternoon meal, she still had us running here & there to get errands done, because she knew she probably wouldn't be able to get out & about for at least a week or two. Doesn't sound like all that much, until one takes into consideration that I was the one driving in unknown territory & running into unfamiliar stores with her orders in mind, while she sat comfortably in the car, except for the grocery stores (yes, I said "stores"), where she had me pushing her in the store wheelchairs - she is a large gal & difficult for me to get around in the wheelchairs - plus, she was bossing me around like I was her personal gofer. She rented a room in a home way south of us...that area felt like a whole other city to this gal. I was really leery about driving in the dark in that area. By the time I finally arrived home, I had been gone for a bit over eleven hours. Not that I minded helping with what she originally asked, or even some of the additional necessary errands, but some of it was beyond the call, as far as I was concerned. So the moral of the story is what? I don't know! emoticon

    God bless!
    1580 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    1580 days ago
  • DALID414
    Going left now!
    1580 days ago
    1580 days ago
    I hope you and the German (as in dog) had a nice walk and relieved some of your stress. emoticon

    1580 days ago
    Oh my, by the time you got to your walk I'm sure you REALLY needed it!
    1580 days ago
    1580 days ago
    Maybe you could get your himself to write you a prescription for some me time!
    1580 days ago
    lucky my kids are not so difficult son is almost nonverbal & daughters are thousands of miles away be firm about what you will do or not do
    1580 days ago
    emoticon Sending Hugs for You and the Germans. Raising Grown Kids can be CHALLENGING, LOL!
    1580 days ago
    Occasional emergencies can be understood but these kids have to learn that we parents have our own lives to live too. And they will have to figure out how to cope when we are no longer around to dance to their tunes. Sometimes as parents we have to go back to treating them like children who need to learn some manners and consideration for others. In this case, you were just the messenger. It was up to Himself to decide if/when he would comply. Husbands are hard enough to manage: we/you shouldn't have to jump for adult kids too. How much of an emergency was this - really?
    1580 days ago
    and breathe..........................
    1580 days ago
    interesting emoticon
    1580 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    Oh goodness, I hope you got your walk in after all of that commotion. Sometimes it is better to let it go to voicemail and deal with it when you are back. Have a great Saturday!
    1580 days ago
  • PICKIE98
    We screen all of our calls..it is very selfish and rude to expect others to drop their lives WHENEVER YOU deem it so..Once in awhile is understandable,,,

    BTW, I am sitting here looking at Sault Ste. Marie, Canada from paradise, Michigan.. lovely.. wish you were here..
    1580 days ago
    Isn't it great "THEY ALL" have 24-hour instant, well nearly instant, most of the time, relatives to "RELY" upon. Would we all had such a luxury.

    Well, at least they call.
    1580 days ago
    Put yourself first and just go for the walk. The other issues will wait until you get back. Teaching patience to others can be challenging.
    1580 days ago
    Hope you eventually get to walk!

    1580 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    I hope you and the German (as in dog) are out walking right now Lynda!

    Yep, yep and yep, we are to drop everything and do, do, do, for these 'grown up' kids! Life's like that!

    Enjoy a wonderful weekend, you and Himself and the two Germans!
    emoticon emoticon
    1580 days ago
    Yikes! (Oh, didn't WATERMELLEN already say that?) Sounds to me like you need to put a fence around your own needs so that all these "requests for services" don't consume you!

    Take that walk. Ignore that phone. It will wait until you and the German(s) get back! emoticon
    1580 days ago
  • RDEE22
    emoticon In Out In Out slooooooowly emoticon
    1580 days ago
    Yikes!! I'd be a bit worried about the liability issues in some of these circs. Just sayin'. (And pretty irritable a LOT of the time!! I'd need to prescribe myself something for that, for sure!!)
    1580 days ago
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