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Learning to cook frazzles the brain!

Sunday, August 16, 2015

-'tis Sunday--another very hot day here!

I am cooking more at home----You see, our M&M store closed----
It had an assortment of pre-cooked meals----
So, yesterday, when buying groceries, I had to pre plan the meals for next week---

I have cooked so much in my life, (feeding an army of children)--that I'm not liking this meal stuff----
I know it is healthier---and there are only 2 of us now----
And I know that with Sparking, some recipes are available on this site----
So I am trying---hard-----
But--(always that big "butt")-----I found out last evening, supper time----that I'm not really into spaghetti anymore----
I ate it-------but---------maybe we won't eat that again for awhile---
Lord love a Duck-----Some days are such a challenge!
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  • GABY1948
    I hate cooking so understand all you say here but I hate being fat worse...so I will do it and like it for the rest of my life...but my health has improved so much too!

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    1577 days ago
    I don't mind cooking, even for 2, it's the thinking of what to cook that I hate. It feels relentless. So now we plan a week's meals in advance, together. And any unplanned meals, my partner comes up with the idea, I implement it. We almost always cook enough for 4-6, and have leftovers the next day and/or freeze a meal's worth. We also sat down once and generated a list of favourite go-to meal options, which we check when feeling stuck for ideas...
    1577 days ago
    2 2
    1578 days ago
    Your pictures are so funny!!! And yes, it is a headache to prepare meals for 2.
    1578 days ago
    I feel the same way about pizza!
    1578 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    1578 days ago
    I like the ready made frozen meals for a quick lunch or evening meal. That said, I still much prefer home cooked meals. I often make a regular batch of something & then freeze in two serving sized packages. That gives us home cooked ready made frozen meals that are tastier than the frozen meals in the grocery store freezer cases.

    When I was a kid spaghetti was my all time favorite dish. I used to think that when I grew up, I would have spaghetti every night. emoticon Kids are so funny, aren't they?

    Actually, over the long years of our marriage, we seldom had spaghetti; however, when we did it was the from scratch type of sauce that cooked for two days. I used to make it for company-come-to-call meals & looking back feel so dismayed that the meal that was in the making for 48 hours was gone in twenty to twenty-five minutes. emoticon These days when I make my "homemade" sauce, I start with a jar of pre-made sauce & doctor it up with all sorts of tasty extras. Much easier & much less time consuming than the old way of doing things, don't you know?

    My beloved father grew up in New York state & my cherished Mom was born & raised in Texas. After they married, Dad was missing having spaghetti (something Mom had never known about), so he gave her a list of ingredients & directions on how to prepare it. Mom misunderstood the instructions, so the first time she made it she didn't drain the pasta & added the lovely sauce to the pot of pasta & water. My Dad, always a most gracious man, ate the watered down spaghetti "soup" anyway - not letting on the mistake she had made until some time later.

    God bless you, Lynda!

    1578 days ago
    I totally understand your meal problem because it is the same here.
    1578 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    Happy cooking!!!
    1578 days ago
    My husband and I shared cooking chores when we were both working and had family at home. After he retired I kept working and he took over all the cooking. Boy did I get spoiled! Then the family grew up and moved out. Then I retired. And guess who is now doing 95% of the cooking chores and figuring out how to cook for 2! So I'm right with you. We have found that we are also "over" pasta and potatoes and a lot of the high carb foods. I have a large size toaster oven. It is the greatest blessing I know for cooking for 2. And yes, we do eat a lot of the same meals. But chicken, bought in bulk and repackaged into meal size packs, pulled out and put into the toaster oven (still frozen) and roasted for an hour, then coupled with a salad or easy coleslaw makes a really easy meal. Often for lunch we split a can of Chunky Soup, add a few crackers and a piece of fruit. Most men probably wouldn't go for this, buy (blessedly) my hubby does. He knows if he complains he is going to get told to go do the cooking again! Hope those little ideas Spark some new ideas for you as well.

    Everybody have a great day!
    1578 days ago
  • DALID414
    Closing all tabs
    1578 days ago
    Sometimes it's easier cooking for a crowd than for just one or two.
    1578 days ago
    Living alone, sometimes cooking can be a challenge! But I'm more likely to make something healthy AND easy!
    1578 days ago
    Good Morning to you too!
    There are a lot of easy recipes here on Spark People that can be mad 15-30 minutes. Also with the heat anything that can be made in my crockpot is great.

    1578 days ago
    Love your pictures, thanks for starting my day with a smile. Cooking for 2 is like anything else, after a while it is just what you do, and not such a chore. I like cooking, but that's just me. It is challenging to find things my meat & potatoes hubby likes, but also healthy that I choose to eat. Good luck to you! --Pam
    1578 days ago
  • ALICIA363
    Thanks, I needed that! Wishing you a great day, too!
    Sorry about the return to cooking chores. Not my favorite thing, either!
    1578 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    Personally, I like lots of different salads and a meat to go with it and I try to keep it simple especially when the girls are both gone and it is just the 2 of us. We have had big meals for years but that was part of the problem. Good luck with finding new recipes and loving them!
    1578 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1578 days ago
    thanks for sharing this lovely blog such a headache planning meals I like one thing but visiting daughter does not like it so quite a BIG headache at times is about another week or so then back to minimalist food
    1578 days ago
    I'm with you on this, "done" my cooking thank you very much and that's why I pretty much eat the same stuff over and over again. Salads and chopped fruits for lunch, soups (made on Saturday with leftover salad veggies) and Greek yogourt with berries for dinner. Breakfasts are microwave eggwhite and spinach omelettes with a bit of feta or Parmesan. Or just Greek yogourt.

    Never ever get tired of it and helps me maintain.
    1578 days ago
    I find it a "chore" to cook for one.. and eating alone is a bore... my budget wouldn't allow it even if I were willing to go "out to eat" alone. It is a good thing I enjoy my own company !!
    Beautiful day here... hope your weather is great also.
    1578 days ago
    I've always, how do I put it in subtle words, not liked (hate!) cooking!!!

    Have a relaxed Sunday.
    1578 days ago
    emoticon for sharing emoticon
    1578 days ago
    Empathizing here. Dh loves his meat & starches (no healthier vegges for him) ....yuck, so cooking is a royal pain and clean up... not even going there (broken dishwasher).
    Lord love a duck indeed!
    1578 days ago
  • no profile photo RIDLEYRIDER
    Like anything, it will take practice, but you can do it.
    1578 days ago
    OH MY GOSH! I am sooooooo over pasta! I use zucchini ribbons (just take a veggie peeler and make ribbons of zucchini and cook. Top w/any kinda sauce you like), spaghetti sauce is another great alternative. Love this, especially in the summer. Everyone else can have their pasta; I'll make mine zucchini ribbons or spaghetti squash!

    Hugs and smiles.
    1578 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    emoticon I'm sorry Lynda, but your blog cracked me up! What a nice way to start my day!

    Seriously, I was finding the same thing when I had to cook, from scratch, meals for me and hubby! And he liked his all 'home cooked!'

    Now that I live alone, I find it easier to make meals just for me and by gosh, I make healthier ones too! Who would have known that I could do that?
    1578 days ago
  • no profile photo ELRIDDICK
    Thanks for sharing
    1578 days ago
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