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i got the ate too many carbs and sugar, hating the rain, low vitamin d moody blues!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2015


Coming off of a great past two weeks, where I lost a combined 6 pounds, I have really let myself down the last few days.
I hate weighing!!! Because I always celebrate any win with what?????
Why is this?? Why are we programmed to celebrate any event with food?
From News Years to Christmas, we eat.
Every holiday has a food theme.

Graduate high school, lets have cake!!
Get married?? Lets have cake!!
Its your birthday you say? More cake!!!
Valentines Day? Lets go out for Mexican food and come home and eat chocolates from a box!!!

I am trying to change my mind about these things.
I went to have my hair done on Friday, that wasnt a celebration but a necessity. After, I went to the grocery store and thats when it started.
I dont think I had any one really terrible food, but it was just a combination of foods, which added up to more calories.
Then of course Saturday was a burger and then pizza for dinner that night.
Sunday----birthday cake from the FIL 88th birthday party.
And yesterday, for some reason I went over my calories and had a cinnamon bun.

So I realize, I have been so hateful and grouchy and depressed and blue and all these horrible feelings.
I think it is the food making me this way.
Or, maybe its a little bit of my mood making me eat.
Either way, its time to nip it in the bud before it goes any farther!!! So, today, has been yogurt and carrot sticks.
I fixed myself a nice salad for later.
and I have got to get some exercise. Having nothing but rain has made it nearly impossible for me to get in a decent walk. and this bad mood I have been in has rendered me a slug sitting in my chair, the only exercise I have gotten in 3 days is going grocery shopping and doing housework.
Today, stretch bands and dumbbells and cardio dance!!!
I will walk today, even it its just to the end of my driveway and back several times to get my mind programmed back into walking.
This cannot and will not continue.
I dont know what switch flipped in my mind that told me it was ok to eat junk, to not workout.
My joy of getting on the scale Thursday was probably the catalyst.
Well, that is just a lifetime of preprogramming of celebrating with food.
I dont really even remember what it was that I ate that set things in motion.
Or if I told myself its ok, go ahead and have that piece of crappy sweet calorie ridden junk because you did so well last week.

Isnt that the way??? Am I the only one???
Why cant I celebrate a win with a carrot or an apple??? Why cant I buy myself a new pair of danskin exercise pants for 14 dollars, instead of a pizza????

This morning I have been reading some articles about food and depression and while I know some of this is the foods I have eaten, allowed these sugars into my blood stream. I also feel alot of it is the weather.
I need to get a shield for my tanning bed and maybe one of those indoor lights to help with mood.
I am getting very little sun.
Yesterday we had about an hour of sun, and I sat outside on the deck, trying to soak up some vitamin d and lift my mood.
This has been the rainiest summer I can remember. Maybe I have just noticed it more because it interferes with my walking.
But there are other forms of exercise and that is one more thing I need to program into my mind. I need strength and toning workouts anyway.
So, hopefully the sugars will soon be leaving my body and I can get myself back to the track, which I know I dont NEED. but I do love walking and it really does make me feel better.
One setback.
Not the end of the world.
Proceed with caution.
But on a positive note, it wasnt all bad, because my hair looks MAH VE LOUS!!!

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  • GORDON66
    Your hair definitely looks gorgeous. Ditch the scale. Stick under the bed, and don't pull it out for a long, long while. Knowing what you weigh isn't worth the stress. Take care!!!


    1900 days ago
    Ooooooo! Pretty hair. I empathize, but anxiety instead of celebration is the reason I eat. I gave myself a few days--ok, like 5---when I ate and drank whatever because I knew getting my kiddos started back to school while starting back myself was going to be stressful. And when I stepped on the scale today? 2 pounds gained. Was the food and drink free for all worth it? No way. So how can I deal with the anxiety in a different way? Wish I knew.

    1900 days ago
    I know exactly what you mean about being programmed to rewarding yourself with food. It's really hard to change that mindset.
    When I was trying to think of other kinds of rewards, I came across a Spark friends page where she told how she started a charm bracelet and every 10 pounds she loses she rewards herself with a new charm--something that has special meaning to her. Isn't that a great idea? I told her I'd have to steal that idea and she encouraged me to do so. I haven't reached any milestone yet, but I'm ready!

    For an actual food reward--or just when everyone around me is eating ice cream--I've found that I can totally enjoy the no-sugar added fudgesicles and not feel deprived.

    If you haven't already, try Leslie Sansones' Walking DVD's. You can "walk" 1, 2, or 3 miles without leaving your house.

    And yes, your hair looks great!
    God bless.
    1900 days ago
  • no profile photo CD4199227
    Love the hair!

    Rainy days and Mondays!

    New day new do new you!

    Lets get out there - hey they make umbrellas for rainy day walks
    1900 days ago
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