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Wednesday, 9/2/15

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

Today certainly has not gone quite as I pictured it would. At first it appeared it was on track.... vet visit, school with the kids, lunch and dropping Isaac off for physical therapy. That's where it changed.

His attitude totally flipped the minute we walked into the fitness center and he was completely rude to Kenzie. I am sure some of this is stemming from the fact that things are changing (she is done on the 13th and the new gal starts) but this is still unacceptable behavior that is being displayed. It got worse.... Ignored her, fought with her, hid from her, accused her of doing something to hurt him and then said "I didn't do anything wrong" when I asked him why he entered the house so rudely. I sent him to the back yard immediately and he has stayed there for 3 hours other than 2 bathroom breaks. He has a spot in the middle of the lawn to sit. I then gathered up all his board, books, Wii games, drawing pads, legos, radio.... and they are now sitting in the living room in a corner to be untouched until further notice. He also lost the right to play with the neighbor kids and to watch TV before bed. Tim and I both agree this is NOT a lack of skill causing the behavior. It is a choice. The specialist says otherwise, but the trend we are seeing from the notes being kept of his behaviors shows we are right...choices.

I could handle the lack of skill. I could even handle the 11 year old boy choices. The sort of choices he is making....I don't handle these well.

So...I pray. I can't do this on my own and I don't want to.

***Update: After I left for an appointment Isaac finally "blew up" and was able to voice the emotions that were going on inside. We were right that it had to do with Kenzie leaving. His words: "Why is Kenzie leaving me?" "Why does she have to take that job?" "Why can't she just keep this job?" They discussed how inappropriate his behavior to those emotions were and how he had to make it right on Saturday with an apology and telling her how he feels. Thankful we now know he can make an emotional attachment to someone. Many autistic people can't.***

Saturday morning is the day both workers will be with him for physical therapy and at this time so will his dad. This behavior is not going to be allowed to continue. I will have to be there at first as I need to do paperwork with the new worker, but Tim believes he needs to be the one who stays there during their session.

Heading out here shortly to get paperwork done with my first client for Support Brokering. Maegann wants to go with me and I have no issue with that. I'll gladly buy her a steamer and enjoy the company on the drive there and back.

Tomorrow...gym, school and a Jamberry rep is dropping by party stuff for Maegann. She's hosting a gathering on the 25th.
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    It sounds like a little bit of a breakthrough with Isaac! I agree that it's great that you are trying to nip it in the bud and that Tim is going to stay on Saturday to help with the transition. A lot of people don't like change as it is, but dealing with it in Isaac's situation has to increase the dislike. Hope that it all goes smoothly!
    1563 days ago
    I figured that was what was going on with Kinzie - the fear of the unknown. Poor kid - I am sure he does not process it like most people and I know that kids with autism do not do well with change. Hopefully you will all come through this ok.
    1563 days ago
    It is good that you are expecting him to behave as well as he can. He needs to express his diappointment, fear, etc. in kind ways. Prayers and hugs.
    1564 days ago
    I get the feeling he was trying to "punish" Kenzie for the fact she is leaving.
    1564 days ago

    From reading all of your blogs, I also believe this is a choice, that Isaac is doing. He has show and displayed good behavior, but for some reason, unknown to me, he just turns, for no good reason. It is something that he chooses to do, but I'm at a loss as to why. He does suffer the consequences for his behavior, and it doesn't appear to bother him, so he continues on.

    Young lady, I'm praying for you and your family. Especially for Isaac for God to work on his heart and turn Him around. I know it's not easy being a kid in this world that we're living in, but you and your DH are doing the right thing, by trying to nip it in the bud!

    Have you ever thought of keeping notes on his behavior and how and when he acts out, and the circumstances around that, to show to his therapist? Maybe you could enlighten him, so he would be able to see another side of Isaac.


    - Nancy Jean -
    1564 days ago
    Love the quote. Prayer is always to best answer. I'm joining you in prayer. I teach a lot of autistic children to swim. I definitely see the differences between "choices" and "issues". One learns to tell the difference, especially a parent would. Trust yourself and trust God. Your discipline choices sound most agreeable. I admire you so much my friend. God be with you & your precious family.
    1564 days ago
    1564 days ago
    Sending you heaps of positive energy and warm hugs. I hope you have an enjoyable weekend with some special time for yourself.
    1564 days ago
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