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9-7-15 Notes for myself

Monday, September 07, 2015

I kicked myself in the rear and started the way I need to eat on 9-4-15 along with my husband so he can see how much of a struggle things are for me. We are both tracking our foods on several different apps. Exercise has never really been an issue and actually get more than I track. I have lost several pounds and gone down to very good numbers on my bsl. Which is what I knew this technique would do for me. It feels very good to see quick progress but I know progress will slow down sooner or later. My goal is to lower my bsl, insulin, weight, solidify how I need to eat, maintain exercise and stretching, drink water as I need to, and get quality sleep. I have learned to keep angers at bay and stress also so those I don't allow to bother me. I am feeling much better and am soaking up any tiny bit of confidence I have to give this the rest of my life.

Meals/ food to choose from without recipe that is in the folders of my mind:

Gooey chicken
spring rolls
egg drop soup
stuffed mushrooms
kale chips
kraut and dogs
chia meatloaf
ham and lentil soup
palmetto cheese
beef stroganoff
stew with mushrooms
chicken wings
chili lime meat
taco salad
veggie soup
stuffed peppers
tater tot casserole minus tots
tuna patties/cakes
zucchini patties/cakes
egg cups
eggs of all sorts
meat and veggies of all sorts
spaghetti squash with meat sauce or boca sauce
acorn squash with sausage
Thai pork, tomato, cauliflower soup
chicken stew
turkey asparagus and swiss roll up
hummus and veggies
verdemole and veggies
cheese chips
dried beef dip and veggies
bbq ribs
bbq pork
pork steak
bbq chicken
chicken soup
pork and kraut
parm breaded chicken
cabbage and meat or boca hash
veggies a gratin
cheesy cauliflower or broccoli
ham steak
broccoli cheese soup
minestrone soup
chicken picatta

All of these have a low fat low carb version I use. I often substitute boca crumbles for meat. I often exchange beans for meat. I am not afraid of the things that are brought through natural things but should be afraid of those that are mechanically made. I will add more things to the list as I think of them. There are many salad, soups and meatless meals I do know about and keep them in my mind. The recipe calculator on SP has been very helpful to keep my nutrition counts correct.

I tried to make a version of onion rings last night to go with burgers. Burgers came out outstanding! Onion rings were pretty good. I used ground pecans and parmesan cheese for the flour. Seasoning is key with most recipes. Don't be afraid of flavor!

My husband went grocery shopping with me the other day to pick up a few things. He thought it was cute and funny to say " how about ice cream, lasagna, chips?" In the store I just said "please stop saying the stuff I am supposed to not eat." After we were outside I explained to him how that is a trigger or hot button for me. I WANT those things so very badly that I am not supposed to eat. But I can not have them. I have to find a swap or reconfigure a recipe for those things. Me getting angry that I feel punished and can not have a chocolate frosty from Wendy's or greasy fried potato chips is something I struggle with each day. When stuff is said like that I see my options like a window that is shutting quicker and quicker till I can see nothing that is a good choice for me. He told me he thought he was being funny. I told him that I knew and that is why I was explaining to him so he can understand. He and I also had a talk about him supporting me. He said he would do whatever it took to be total support to me. I let him know that him eating crap food around me is not supporting me. I asked him if he would feel bad if he did that. He said he would and realized he has done this quite a bit. He realizes how much I put into all of this. I really feel like his eyes have been opened. He is tracking along with me, eating just like me, not eating more than I do, and being very positive to me. This means the world to me.

OH LOOKS LIKE THE NEIGHBOR IS BRINGING OVER MORE TOMATOES! WHOO HOO!!! They grow some amazing tomatoes. We have been blessed with people bringing us peppers, tomatoes, zucchini, pears, and cucumbers. I am so thankful.

So, I have finished 3 days of the way I should eat. I have found swaps when I need a sweet fix, alternatives when I need a salty fix. I have had wrenches thrown into my plans, which I WILL outsmart. I have had quite a bit of success. Even my husband is shocked at how well my body reacts to this way of eating. I am stubborn and like my food, good or bad. I have been working on what is right for my body for about 25 years now since I was first diagnosed with diabetes. I KNOW what is right for me. I just choose not to do what is right for me for big blocks of my life. I need to stop being so stubborn with giving up certain unhealthy things. The mind can play some pretty dirty tricks on ya though.

I WILL get there. I WILL stay with this. I WILL be confident and outsmart what is temporarily blocking my path to great health. It IS a fight. It IS a struggle. It IS a war. But I WILL Win! I am determined.

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    I'm really glad things are working for you! I forgot to comment on your last blog, but I'm correcting that on here lol! Yay for you and your husband! I like the communication your two are doing and the awareness he now has of how he can support you and vice versa :) Good things are definitely going to happen for you!
    2045 days ago
    Sounds like you have a great plan and some amazing recipes to help you along the way.
    2050 days ago
    Sounds like you've got everything you need to hit your goals
    2050 days ago
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