what i've learned with my sugar detox so far

Thursday, September 10, 2015

I gave up sugar for September. it's my main goal. my other goal was to get more sleep.

my second day of no sugar was bad. I was detoxing like crazy, but I hung in there and I'm so glad I did. I've learned and discovered a lot!

1. when detoxing from processed/added/fake sugar real fruit-supplied sugar doesn't cut it. I spent two days eating tons of fruit and I still had a headache, fuzzy head, lack of energy, body aches...ugh, it was awful!

2. sugar cravings were gone by day 5. I always crave sugar in the late afternoon. my sugar consumption got so bad I started craving sugar in the morning. that's why I decided to go sugar free in September. anyway, once the detox phase was over I didn't even have cravings and the sight of it didn't have an effect on me. emoticon

3. I have way more energy

4. my desire to binge eat has lessened. it's not gone, but it's better. when I was eating sugar, once I started I just kept going and craving more.

5. lack of sleep increases my cravings. I stayed up too late last night then slept like crud. I've had a few fleeting sugar cravings. not strong, just enough to make me aware that an m&m would be nice. but I crushed it!

6. most of my cravings are out of habit, I have discovered. I'm eating better, but not wonderful. I'm still fighting the desire to not eat when bored and stressed. but binge eating hasn't been an issue when the emotional eating arises.

7. my cravings for soda are gone. I wanted one sunday, but I know it was out of habit. so I was able to conquer the craving.

I'm 10 days into my challenge and feel amazing! I'm already thinking about October and how I'm going to proceed. as of now, I think I'm going to abstain from sugar except pure, real sugar. like homemade cookies, or desserts. no Halloween candy!

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    I'm doing it too!!! No sugar September! Only I'm doing NO SUGAR not even fruit. Some days are harder than others, because I sometimes feel limited on what I can or can't eat (I love fruit, it is a simple go to at times) but I keep telling myself that it will REALLY help me detox from sugar. And honestly, I've needed to get myself in this kind of place where I can figure out other things to eat. But you are so right, those are the things that I notice too. Less binges, less food cravings, less everything. I know that I can get through this month. But I'm not adding any sugar back except fruit next month. Great job!
    2046 days ago
    You're doing great. For October, you might like to consider putting some boundaries around when you will allow yourself to eat 'pure' sugar like in homemade cookies and desserts - like just on weekends/birthday/xmas - because that sweet old devil will creep back in given half a chance. I've been there. I gave up sugar for a year - and the xmas candies tipped me back into the old habit. It might not be like that for you - but just wanted to give you that to think about.
    2046 days ago

    Comment edited on: 9/11/2015 3:22:46 AM
    You're doing awesome!!!

    I also eat when I'm tired. Ugh. It stinks.
    2047 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    2047 days ago
    Awesome job! Keep up the great work!!
    2047 days ago
    After giving up grain and sugar, I agree with you that one or both of these greatly contributed to binging and/or the desire to binge. Get yourself off of it, treat yourself once in awhile, and you'll hit all your goals!
    2047 days ago
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