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My Incentive plan (and Crohns)

Sunday, September 13, 2015

I was diagnosed with Crohns Disease in February and since then my health has been very sporadic as I have dealt with the Crohns and some other heath issues that came along with it. I had eardrum surgery 2 weeks ago, and right now I'm finally at a point where I feel like I can focus on getting in shape and figuring out how to live as well as I can with my new limitations. This is going to be a real learning experience for me, but I'm going to go at it guns blazing.

My program starts today, but I use Sunday as a day off from exercise and to plan my week. I have set up an incentive program for myself that will most likely get modified as I discover what is really motivating and what isn't working. But for starters, here it is. (It's kind of long and complicated, so if you're visiting my blog feel free to not read the whole thing, this is more for my own reference than anything else. But I would love to hear what kind of incentives, if any, you use. I'm always looking for good ideas.)

So--the general idea is 2 things:
1--for each pound lost there is a small prize I earn. For bigger amounts lost like 5, 10, or 20 pounds, the prizes are a bit more exciting. Most of these are things I have been wanting for a while. Some of these may change if I find something else I'd rather treat myelf with.

2--I have a list of goals each month. Some of them continue month to month, and others I will evaluate monthly and they may change. Most are daily things, but some are 3x/week. For completing each of these goals, I will pay myself a small amount of money which I will put into a cute little purse sitting on my bathroom counter, and save up for the new wardrobe I'm going to need when I reach my goal weight.

I'm going to have a working list of my "pound prizes" in a different blog since it's kind of a work in progress. But here are my goals for this month.
Ongoing goals:
Make a menu (1x/week) .25
20 minute walk outside (up to 6) .05 each or .25 for 3
Strength training (up to 3) .05 each or .25 for 3

September goals:
6 cups of water (I'm working my way to 8 or more) .25
vitamins and supplements .25
only 1 small sweet (2 bites worth)/day .25
tracking all food for the day on SP .25

Bonus goal:
not partaking of baked goodies (DH and DD love to bake) .25

Oh, also, after I hit a weight, I can go up to a lb. over that without being penalized, (hopefully I won't, but I know weight can fluctuate on a day to day basis so I'm trying to leave some non-freak-out room) but if I go up more than a lb, I lose $1 from my wardrobe fund. I weigh everyday because that's just what I do, but only officially once a week.

I also have a marble jar I'm using for visual validation and motivation (I have marbles in one jar equaling how many pounds to my goal weight and transfer them as the weight is lost to another jar)

I also have a calendar I'm hanging on the wall with my 4 monthly goals on it that I can make big x's every day. I hope to fill them with big red x's so I won't want to break my streaks.

I think that's all. Except for my pound prizes. Which may change. We'll see.

If you got this far, wow! tell me what you think. Thanks!

Oh--I also hope to do the upcoming BLC on SP and that's going to just make it all even better!

We got this!
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