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Weekend Food Blog & Weigh in #2

Sunday, September 20, 2015

This past week was mostly good. I worked out 4 days and because of meal planning/prepping over the weekend my food was on point.

I did have 2 days where work was super stressful which caused an annoying pressure headache and messed with my sleep. On both days I ended up eating more than I should have for dinner.

I was definitely in stress eating mode Thursday and Friday but come Saturday I got myself back on track. It was a slight bump in the road but I got passed it pretty quick which I’m very proud of. Go me!

Now on to my Eats

Saturday 9/19

Rich let my sleep in on Saturday. By let me sleep in, I mean he only woke me up 3 different times in the morning. Once to tell me something funny someone had emailed him, once to show me about 10 different cute pictures of the cat napping and once to ask me when I was going to get up because he was bored. OMG, husbands geez!

I finally got up around 9:30 AM and made myself some coffee for the busy day ahead

While I drank my coffee I created our meal plan for the week ahead and made our shopping list. Love this shopping list/meal prepping document from SP.

Breakfast: Eggs, corn tortillas, tomato slices and onion. We were down to bare bones in the fridge and in dire need of grocery shopping.

Snack: After a Trader Joe’s and Target run I needed a snack before I hit the gym. Half a banana with almond butter and sprinkled with cinnamon.

Lunch: Chicken and grilled cheese sandwich with pretzel thins and hummus

Dinner: Baked chicken thigh, corn on the cob, sweet potato chips with ketchup and cantaloupe for dessert. Rich had made the sweet potato chips and was totally bummed he had burned them. My favorite are the little crispy burned ones, so I was happy!

Exercise: 30 minute on the elliptical and 18 minutes on the treadmill

Exercise #2: 45 minute walk around the neighborhood with Becca Bo Peep

Total Calories: 1,496
Calories burned: -700

Sunday 9/20

Breakfast: Greek Omelet (spinach, olives, feta and I added asparagus, English muffin with butter and jam and coffee.

Lunch: 2 cups broccoli and cheddar soup and garlic bread that I cut up into crouton size pieces

Dinner: Chipotle chicken pockets (So freaking delicious) and corn

Exercise: Bike ride around the neighborhood and a 45 minute walk with the hubby

Total Calories: 2,088 (I try to stay around 2,100 calories on my high calorie days so this was perfect)
Calories burned: -306

Weigh in #2 Restart after the Wedding

Starting weight: 226.1
Previous week’s weight: 222.9
Current weight: 221.6 (-1.3)
Total loss: -4.5 lbs.
Woot, woot! My loss goes to prove to myself that even if when I messed up twice in one week it couldn’t out do all the hard work and clean eating I had put in the rest of the week. I definitely feel proud of my loss and I’m so happy I got back on track rather quickly. I only have to lose 1.7 lbs. in the next week and a half to get to my September goal of getting out of the 220’s. I got this!

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