Tuesday, October 13, 2015

** Our Decisions Show Thru Our BODIES, Our ATTITUDE, & Our PROGRESS!! **

We see OUR Decisions Everyday in the MIRROR emoticon ... I see how my decisions to just eat whatever I want showed up with the emoticon topping almost 260 pounds. My decisions lead me to being in a size 24. My decisions lead me to Poor Health & a Poor Attitude about Caring for ME..

Decisions: I know realize that my decisions made prior have been the wrong ones but the great thing about decisions is that I have NOW made the Decision to take back CONTROL over MY LIFE. I see my decisions now in Exercising, I see my decisions is turning down the Chocolate Cake & Stepping away from the bag of Chips. I know make decisions to Think before I Eat, we are taught Think before you Speak but never Think before you Eat.

Proud to say, that yesterday marked Day 2 of going to the gym!! I must say I notice a change already in my energy & how feel now that I am making healthier food choices. I no longer feel sluggish or super tired by 9 A.M. So I am making the RIGHT DECISIONS!!

*** So, I ask you "What Decisions Will YOU See, What decisions Do you See NOW & What will you do to Make Better Decisions????" ***
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