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Pedometers and walking

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Hi All Readers

This is what I have found with the few pedometers that I have had over the last three years. They all have good and bad points but maybe the one for you is not the one for everyone.

I started out with a cheapo version (under 5 pounds $7.5) these are ok as they count each step but if you knock them up the numbers go. A bad point is the clip, they are easy to break. They also reset if knocked. Some are better than other but they are cheap to replace.

Next, maybe the best step is to pay more. I have a Target (no other name on it) this cost 20 pounds (about $30) this still has a bad clip and I have had two before replacing it with a small cellphone case. This is a bit harder to set up but once setup is ok until the battery goes. It has s/wear for a PC and can be uploaded via an USB port. Down side the s/wear doesn't seem to work above windows 7, pity.

I have used mine now for three years until I got talked into buying a Fitbit. Now I know that some of you, a lot of you use these and are quite happy with them. I was not and took mine back for a refund after having two. The problem I had was that>

1 I didn't like the s/wear
2 It doesn't work that well with SP
3 It misses step count.

I checked mine against my Target and a GPS watch. Then I check it just using the Target by walking a 100 steps. The target logged 100 and the Fitbit around 90. On a mile to target logs 2000 or so but The Fitbit only 1600 or so.

Then I come on to the Garmin Vivofit. Nearly all the above can be aimed at this one as well.
One thing that I do like about this is that SP strips out and leaves you with the exercise calories. I also found that the Target overtake the the Garmin in steps. This morning the Garmin had 170 steps on before I pick up the Target and after 15 minutes walk on the treadmill at around 5kph it was 300 in front. In other words it the Garmin had missed 470 steps or so.

I love the Garmin as it has help me to get a better night sleep but for just walking in the SP's challenges I will not give up my Target.

I wonder if anyone else has done any test as I would love to be proved wrong and that I missed something.


This was not meant to say that you should change your pedometer but what I found as I was unhappy with both mine electronic ones.
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    I am a gadget person. I love to play with technology, so now wonder I'm hooked on trackers. Lol

    I started out with the Amiigo. It is not well known and just rolled out of production when I invested a grand total of $!75!! It is a really scientific tracker. it tracks just about everything! Sleep, waking, oxygen saturation, respiration, walking, exercise and swimming any type of laps. It was pretty, had an extra devise to attach to your foot for cycling, walking, etc. the only thing I didn't like about it was I had to stop, set it up on my bluetooth phone for everything. I eventually decided to sell it to someone who would appreciate it more than I. I tried to like it, but nay. Lol. I am planning to sell it on e-bay for $100.I used to have the Spark People tracker. I loved that it was water proof. Unfortunately it didn't track the laps I swam. I did very much like it for walking with the exception if I stopped for a few seconds it would stop counting steps. Then I would have to walk 10 minutes for it to recognize my steps. It was a little frustrating. The one thing it taught me was to get used to wearing a tracker. It broke and then I found out the manufacturer discontinued making it. bye, bye Spark People tracker. Lol.

    I really didn't want to spend $200, thereabouts on getting a Garmin. Maybe I should. or another fancy tracker. It's nice to track sleep, but not essential for me. Mostly I would like a tracker for swimming laps in different strokes, walking and doing strength straining training, perhaps a stationary bike, etc. I went with the Misfit Shine. It was only $65, sleek and cool looking. I bought a bracelet to keep it safe while wearing it. It measures steps well and sleep. The nice thing about it was I did not have to wait 10 minutes for it to kick in. One month later the Misfit Shine Speedo came out. Boy, I was frustrated! I am a swimmer and one month after buying the regular Shine they came out with the swimming shine? Wow! Just, wow! It recognizes different strokes and tracks laps. It tracks walking and exercise, too. I have yet to purchase it as I'm hoping a new revised and improved Misfit Shine Speedo tracker will come out with any necessary improvements. So far nothing. After Christmas I will invest in one. I'm dying to at least try it. Lol.

    I have come to one conclusions. Not all trackers are created equal. And, I believe one needs more than one tracker in order to track a wide array of exercises.Having said that I did find one tracker that just might fit the ticket, but it's got a steep price of $250! Yikes! I think I will end up getting the Speedo Misfit Shine for $75. That is until I can scrape up enough money for the Garmin Vivoactive watch, calendar, sleep and exercise, heart rate, swimming with advanced features tracker. I think the only thing the Garmin Vivoactive doesn't do is wash my dishes and I'm not sure about that! LOL.

    So, my short term plan is getting the Speedo Misfit Shine and my long term plan is getting the Garmin Vivoactive.

    Thanks for blogging about this topic. It got me thinking. :)

    emoticon emoticon

    1451 days ago
    I will have to keep all these comments in mind if my spark tracker ever bites the dust. Thank you for posting
    1466 days ago
    I bought a new one recently, and either I programmed it wrong or it is really inaccurate. It keeps telling me my pace is about 5 and 1/2 miles, which would mean I was running pretty fast. I really don't think I've been doing that!

    Do you have a trick for measuring the length of your stride?
    1466 days ago
    I like my Spark Tracker, but it's been discontinued. Too bad, the price was right and it's fairly accurate. Not sure what I'll do when it finally gives up the ghost.
    1480 days ago
  • no profile photo BMI24PLEZ
    I used to track steps with a cheapest clipons and track miles- over the course of 1500 miles and several years I had to replace it 3x ....
    1480 days ago
    Thanks for the info Trev

    1480 days ago
    I went back to the good old fashioned pedometer, by Omron. It works consistently, and isn't super expensive.
    1481 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/22/2015 1:12:48 AM
    1481 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/21/2015 6:40:40 PM
    I periodically check my Fitbit for accuracy and it seems pretty good. I wore an Omron for years but I think it was giving me too many. None of them are perfect but I'll stick with Fitbit for awhile.
    1481 days ago
    I used to use a heart rate monitor just to make sure my heart rate didn't get to high when I was running, but now that I don't run anymore I don't use anything. I am pretty active. I walk about 3-4 miles everyday and have an 9 month old grandson I take care of 9 hours a day so I am sure I am getting enough steps throughout the day.
    1481 days ago
    I had an Omron for years and was happy. However, I purchased my FitBit Charge so that I could sync with SP. I find the FitBit (like the Omron) is very accurate when I actually go for a walk for exercise. However, it doesn't accurately count my daily steps. Since I got it for recording my exercise, I'm happy with it.
    1481 days ago
    I used an Omron for years, it seemed accurate. Then I got a Fitbit, and wore it with the Omron to compare for awhile. The Fitbit shorted me by a LOT, so I started wearing the Fitbit on my ankle and it pretty much matched the Omron. I question the "calories burned" and "active minutes" it gives me, and it's something else to charge.
    1481 days ago
    I have had a Omron pedometer for years. I love it. Thanks for sharing.
    1481 days ago
    I had a cheap one years ago that added steps whenever I stepped on the gas or break when driving. In stop and go traffic this was quite hilarious. I recorded 1 mile on my way to work.

    I use the SP tracker (TRAK) which is no longer made but still supported.
    It's very accurate walking, but if I run the same route I'm shorted about 10% in steps/distance. Maybe because my feet don't hit the ground as often if I'm running? This doesn't really matter to me. I know how far I've gone and my body does too.

    I like that it only counts as "exercise" sessions over 10 minutes. All steps throughout the day are important, but I remember my mother saying that she gets exercise when she walks to the bathroom. LOL I don't want to fall into that mindset.

    Thanks for the comparison.
    1481 days ago

    Comment edited on: 11/21/2015 7:07:34 AM
    I have been using my nikeplus watch for 4 years now and the only thing I am waiting for is them to come out with a model that is as coolness factor as the Fitbit . But it keeps it accuracy better bc my husband as used Fitbit and others
    1481 days ago
    I think my FitBits are pretty accurate, all pedometers have some degree of missing steps I'm sure~
    1481 days ago
    I have used so many different types of pedometers over the decades I have lost count. I went with Fitbit in 2011 and have used several different iterations. I find it the best for ease of use, acceptable level of accuracy, and syncing with both spark people and weight watchers. I use the Charge now. And it has a coolness factor to boot!
    1481 days ago
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