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Saturday, December 26, 2015

Last night, I was home alone, Honey had to spend the night in the hospital with his dad.
So......I decided to clean up Christmas.
I didnt cook way too much this year, and all the candy I made was given out in gift bags.
My son took home the last of the deviled eggs and cake.
What I took to my moms stayed there.
So, the only thing left here is some ham in a tupperware container in the fridge and a small bowl of banana pudding!!!
I took down all of the Christmas what nots, and bagged up all the torn up wrapping paper.
Put away all the left over rolls of wrapping paper, boxes and tape.
Cleaned my kitchen and bagged up two bags of trash.
Now, the tree I will leave up until Sunday night, then it comes down, along with the lights and the wreath.
Right now, my house looks more like the first day of Christmas instead of the last.
Meaning, there is no evidence of Christmas other than the tree.
I got on the scale this morning, to see what kind of has been done this last week.
Cooking, stopping in a restaurant for a bite in between rounds of shopping, sampling, eating here and at my moms.
I am NOT happy, but not devastated either.
I see a gain of 2 pounds.
So, I lived it and I learned. Now its time to get back on track and on THE WALKING TRACK! as well as working out here at home.
I bought Honey a new belt and he said should have gotten one size larger, and a tshirt, that was too small.
I told him, its time for the BOTH of us to get to working out and stopping going out to eat at all.
Plan shopping trips, doctor appts or any other visits around breakfast or lunch at home.
Healthy eating and exercise are going to have to replace all the other stuff.
He always took pride in the fact that he could eat all the brownies or cookies he wanted, and never gained a pound and this was true.
I always hated that, I would be sitting here with a cup of spinach and grapes and he would be having oreos and chocolate milk.
Now, he hasnt worked in close to 3 months and laying around the house doing very little is beginning to show, he has gained about 10 pounds.
So, no more!!!
For the first time since I started trying to lose weight and eat healthy, I will not be alone.
I hope all of you had a great Christmas, if you celebrate.
I hope everyone got in a workout and ate some fruit and veggies.
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