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1-2-16 (day 62)

Saturday, January 02, 2016

I am noticing some habit changes that I didn't really set out to accomplish but have been good perks to my health. For instance sweet things I still love but a bite or two, a spoon full is more than plenty then I push it away and don't even want another taste.

Today I have my mother and father in law coming over for a visit and to drop off some gifts that didn't reach them in time for Christmas. Hubby thought of a thing to do to keep the awkward visit at bay. We will take them to see Star Wars. My family has already seen in once in different intervals. But they haven't and they want to. So my middle son said we could go to his theater where he works and he would get a discount. This will be 2 hours of entertaining them where there wont be awkward silence just silence of them enjoying a movie they wanted to see. And they will enjoy seeing it with their son and 3 grand kids...and me. It is one of those generational things. Like Toy Story. My oldest son was 5 when he saw the first one, my middle son was 5 when he saw the second, third son was 5 when the third came out. If they ever make another I am sure our kids will invite us, want to go themselves and if they have kids, take them to enjoy it too.

I have a the idea stages, still need to fully accept this plan...of going through my clothes and getting rid of anything that is too big. And things that are too small. If it doesn't fit like it is supposed to I will donate it. The point of this is to force me to feel or see the current fit of my clothes. I did go through my clothes last year and got rid of a bunch! of stuff. But I am a girl and a bit of a pack rat and like to keep my favorite things or what I recall spending money that I worked hard to save on items. OR I keep bigger things because I would have something to fit into on my bigger days or if I put weight on and probably allowed myself an easier time putting on weight. And the smaller things, as I said, I get motivated and say I will be able to wear this again one day. MMMM no. I think possibly it is a better strategy to par down to minimal clothes. Just basics of things that fit currently. And I need to make sure I fit them. And if I lose and they are all too big, I need to reward myself with a new look. But only one! at a time. My shoes and boots....I am keeping those! I am still shopping for boots yet. I have rewarded myself with a couple beanie hats this year. A hot pink one I got yesterday. And a charcoal grey knit one with a pink pom pom on top and a pink forehead stripe around. I don't usually wear hats. I have a small round head with a thick neck so they don't really look good on me. But I figured I would venture out and try something new that I didn't hate on me. I am also not really a "pink" girl, but I kinda liked these.

My thighs and legs are seemingly particularly big today. I put on some shorts that fit but ride up and are ... too small to wear in public. So I need to make a mental note to get rid of them. If I am not comfortable being seen in public in should go.

School starts back up for my youngest in a couple days. And my middle son is getting his wisdom teeth taken out next Wednesday. I have stocked the house with soft healthy foods and liquids of various kinds for him. He did ask for ice cream but that is the only thing not healthy he requested. Everything else is healthy. He is worried about not getting fruits veggies and grains. We deal with orthorexia with him. An eating disorder that isn't very well known. He has grown leaps and bounds since figuring out what he struggles with. It is much harder to treat in boys than girls. And I can't express how thankful I am that he isn't in the place he was in all through high school! He is making better choices even still being bothered by food. He is broadening his eating habits. He understands that there is good cholesterol your body needs, and has figured out his calories and how he is in control to raise them to meet his daily needs. I am so incredibly proud of him for coming so far. He still struggles deeply but he is so much more healthy now. Eating disorders are close to me. My mother struggles, I struggle, my oldest and middle sons struggle too. All in different ways. Different types of disorders involving food.

Back to my stress of in laws coming over today. Hubby made sure it was just those two coming over and not his sister. I think I can feel okay with just them here. I even am prepared if they end up staying the night. I have breakfast ready in the freezer! Ha HA! I think it will be ok as long as his sister doesn't show up. She wasn't invited. emoticon

Yesterday we took care of some things around the house we needed to better around here. New toilet seat, fixed the leak in the shower, new filters on the vacuum, restocked cleaning products for the house. Checked out stuff for a leaky pipe in the basement and a window we need to replace. Out house is OLD and there is always something that needs fixing or sprucing up. Last night hubby voiced concern about my digestive issues. He is concerned I am dehydrated all the time. I ensured him I drink a ton of water to compensate for what I lose and what I need. He worries, I love him for that. I just need to show him I am ok.

Looking back over the past year. I got to say I emotionally feel pretty good. My blood sugars are MUCH higher, insulin units have gone up, weight is up 20+ pounds and my physical body is feeling that. My new struggles are and will be, dealing with medicine changes and how they effect my digestive health, lung pain and chest cough. Also my upcoming re-scan and sonogram of what they found in my right breast. I have been coaching and pepping up the fighter in me in case I hear something not so good. I do that anyway, but this is in a new area. I wont let myself be swallowed up by a scary diagnosis.

My family (me, hubby and kids) are doing much better all together and separately than a year ago too. Everyone has put in their all. Some of us have not succeeded as well as we set out to do, some of us have had set backs, some of us have soared beyond expectations. And all of those things have helped in one way or another. I am grateful for all we have been through, alone or all together. And know this year will be richer all the way around.

emoticon emoticon
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    Sounds like you have a plan for success! Wishing you & yours a great year!
    1929 days ago
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