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2015 Has Been One Helluva Year...

Sunday, January 03, 2016

(DISCLAIMER: this is a long post, which I apologize for, but it does have a message at the end, if you're willing to read all the way through...)

This year has been ANYTHING other than "my year"... I started out the year w/ the best of intentions (as I always do) and as is typical, I let life get in the way... until these last 2 months, that is...

The first four months of 2015 were spent in a stalled position for me... I was fairly good about getting my workouts in, even hitting up the gym on a somewhat regular routine for Zumba & water aerobics (as my work schedule would allow). I'll be honest... when my fitness was on point, my nutrition probably wasn't... and then when my nutrition was improved, I either lacked the time or just slacked off on my fitness... and therefore the first part of the year was spent in "plateau-ville".

May found us taking a 2-week vacation w/ my son & his fiance for a cruise to celebrate his college graduation, and then time in Florida at the theme parks meeting the future in-laws (both of them work at Disney). Vacations are always a good time to pack on some poundage d/t eating out all the time, and then add a cruise on top of that with it's all-you-can-eat policy, not to mention the tasty fruity drinks that I enjoyed way too much of... yeppers, May was definitely not good to me when it comes to the scale!

The summer months of this year found me busier than ever, as my hubby had some health issues that left him on a medical leave from mid-June to the end of August. Therefore, I worked as many extra hours at work as possible to make up his lost wages, and additionally had to do "everything" at home, as he was unable to help out w/ basically any household chores. So I had absolutely NO TIME for workouts... even finding time to walk our dogs was difficult at times! I did try to watch my food intake, so I didn't pack on any additional pounds, but I definitely didn't make any dents in the weight gained in May!

Once my hubby got back to work, and my life "seemed" like it was going to get back to "normal" (whatever that may be), I decided it was time to start hitting the gym hard again. However, I had noticed some pain issues developing in my right leg, which I had a partial hip replacement done back in 2011... so being the good ortho nurse that I am, I decided to go see my surgeon and make sure I was okay to start working out again. (I honestly thought I'd probably just pulled a muscle, or maybe at worst, torn a ligament or tendon that needed to rest for a bit to heal.) I spent September & October doing physical therapy, trying to strengthen my quad muscles, but no improvement... in fact, I seemed to be getting worse. So more tests were done, and then the source of my pain was discovered: part of my initial hip surgery hardware had shifted position, which was wearing on my bones and causing my hip to be out of place. Only way to "fix" it was to convert to a total hip replacement...

Now that sounds bad enough, right??? But it's only the beginning...

I have now been off work myself since the beginning of October as I was having so much pain that they put me on crutches to prevent further damage to my hip until they could figure out what was going on. My hip replacement surgery was done the first week of November, and went quite well. I astounded therapy with how well I did after surgery, and even got dismissed from the hospital a day early. Three days later I am at home, getting ready to go out to lunch w/ my dad for his birthday, and my hubby's dog bumps me and causes me to dislocate my hip. (most painful experience I've ever had!!!) So following an ambulance ride & visit to the ER, I am headed back to the OR for them to put my hip back in place. I seem to bounce back from that just as well... a little leary about things, but getting around well. Back home for three more days, and while standing at my kitchen counter, not moving at all, I dislocate once again! (beginning to wonder if the ambulance offers frequent user miles) Ditto the last time: ambulance / ER / OR... only this time while in the OR, my surgeon "tests" my leg, and for some reason (possibly the weak muscles that initially took me to the doc at the beginning of this fiasco) every time my hip was straightened out, it tried to dislocate. This is where things get real fun: I was placed in a brace that went around my waist and down my right leg, holding it up off the ground at a 30 degree flexion. So I spent the next 5 weeks basically in bed... only leaving the house to go to the doctor twice, and once to meet my new grandbaby on the day she was born. Ten days before Christmas, I was taken back for my fourth surgery in 6 weeks, and they switched out some of the hip replacement parts to keep me from dislocating again. My Christmas present this year was the ability to walk again on both legs! Now I am finally on the road to recovery... though it's a very slow road since my muscles got pretty weak while in that brace.

So you may be asking yourself... what was the point of me sharing all of that??? I did so because of my weight loss / measurement results for this year...

Here are my results:

Weight: 12.5 lbs. lost

Body fat %: 2.4 % lost

Upper arms: no change

Chest: 2 in. lost

Waist: 1.75 in. lost

Hips: 1.75 in. lost

Thighs: 0.75 in. lost

Calves: 0.5 in. gained

TOTAL: 5.75 inches lost

Not a huge success for an entire year, but when you consider that all of the above results occurred since the middle of October, the numbers look a little better. And then when you think back to the fact that I was on crutches or using a walker or on bedrest that entire time, the numbers are pretty amazing!

Five years ago today, I had my first hip surgery, without complications, right after I had gotten down to my lowest weight since joining SP back in 2008 (down almost 100 lbs putting me in "onederland" for the first time in my adult life). I spent the next 3 months recovering from that surgery, and letting the pounds creep back on until it only took nine months to regain 2/3 of that weight I had lost! Since then I've seen the scale bounce up and down a few pounds here and there, but never near that initial loss and certainly never close to getting back to "onederland". When I went to that first visit back in September for my hip pain, I weighed in just 10 lbs under my heaviest weight... can you imagine what would've happened if I had repeated my actions from five years ago, and allowed myself to pack on 60-some pounds again??? I would've been saying "hello" to the 300's for sure...

I promised myself when they put me on crutches in October that I would not allow that to happen... and before I went in for surgery, I dropped almost 5 lbs, despite being on crutches. During the month I spent laid up in bed w/ the brace on, I managed to lose another 5 lbs by very conscientious eating. And since having my final surgery, I have added a couple more lbs to my weight loss numbers.

My message to everyone... NOTHING can get in your way if you don't let it! You can be dealt every obstacle possible by life, but if you work hard enough, you can overcome them!

My "hard work" consisted of meticulously tracking every single bite I put in my mouth, making sure to stay w/in my nutrition guidelines. Meal planning and recipe "tweaking" to make sure I ate a healthy, balanced diet. Preparation to have healthy snacks available to nosh on when I got "bored" (and trust me, that happened alot while on bedrest). And even when I couldn't get up and "workout", I still used a resistance band to work out my good leg and upper body to get a little bit of calorie burning going and keep my strength up.

If you made it all the way to the end of this blog, I appreciate you taking the time to read it all the way thru, and I hope you felt it was worth it. The friends I have made on Sparkpeople are my greatest supporters, as well as my best inspiration! All of you keep me going... and I hope in some way that I am able to do the same for you!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Holy crap!!! Sorry to hear about the troubles with the THR. Sure glad you have the support that you have. Many would have crumbled. You are definitely a fighter and NOW you can focus toward your goal. That is my hope for 2016. I joined TOPS a year ago Aug and haven't lost a lot but like many years ago when I belonged, I haven't gained. I am only 30 lbs from goal so that's why I THINK I can do it! Do take care and don't make any quick moves. I do have occasional sharp pain in my right thigh but it goes away. I googled and refuse to think it's failing. It's only been since 4/11. Haha Take care and know that 2016 WILL be a better year for HAS to be!! emoticon emoticon emoticon And, emoticon on the new baby!!!! I got a new granddaughter in Oct!!!
    1792 days ago
    You are awesome. After all that and moderate success you're still to keep it up.
    1795 days ago
    emoticon Sorry for the year you had but what an awesome job coming through it ! Thank you for sharing.
    1796 days ago
  • WALNUTT1961
    you are awesome! emoticon

    1797 days ago
    You do keep me going!
    Sonja- yes what a year. You have been an example of my favorite quote;-literally!
    “Run when you can, walk if you have to, crawl if you must; just never give up.”
    ― Dean Karnazes
    (or if you get stuck in a brace track every calorie: just never give up!)
    1797 days ago
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