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Friday, January 15, 2016

I work from home most Friday's, which until today has been a challenge because I have always had to do so on my little lap top.

I decided I needed a dedicated work space and bought a nice (large) monitor, keyboard, mouse, docking station and desk. I was quite proud of myself today because I put together the desk by myself, which was easier than I thought (minus a few blonde moments where I used the wrong screw and had to re-do a few steps). But WOOT WOOT I did it, and it stands up :). I'll admit my elbow and hands are a little sore though from all the cranking LOL.

I'm very excited I now have my very own "home office" (aka our guest bedroom)

Whilst I was working and building I threw together some things into the crock pot, hoping to make a yummy healthy dinner. Chicken, black beans, peppers, onions, salsa, lime juice, and spices. Hopefully it tastes as good as it smells!

On a side note, I went grocery shopping last night, and picked up a few items I'm excited about.

PB2. I've heard a lot a bout this "peanut butter" substitute and have always wanted to try it! (I love peanut butter!)

Sugar free jelly (to go with the PB2)

Trader Joe's salsas. They are low calorie and don't have salt added.

Low sodium chicken broth to go with the elk green chile stew I'm going to try and make.

Fiber one 90 calorie breakfast bars. Had the cinnamon one today and it was MM MMM good!

Organic black and garbanzo beans.

Bananas to try out this "banana ice cream" phenomenon (and gives me an excuse to use the new food processor)

I also got some fruit snacks, which I know aren't "the best," but they satisfy that sweet tooth craving without a lot of damage to the calorie count.

The other night we had elk steaks with acorn squash and salad. I didn't eat all of the steak but it too was DELISH! Gotta give the kudos to my guy, he is a grill master! Our friend got us that awesome cookbook filled with great grill ideas!

This weekend is another fun-filled weekend:
The man is going duck hunting. The limit is 7, so if he comes home with 7 we'll have our work and recipe brainstorming cut out for us.
Saturday I am going to join a few friends at the Cardinals Green Bay tailgating before the game, then I'm off to a birthday party for a girl friend.
Sunday I have a brunch to go over plans for a friends baby shower I'm helping plan.

Lots of opportunities this weekend to splurge, but going to do my best to keep it in check!

OH and I almost forgot. I tried the LA Fitness Cardio Jam class the other night, it wasn't as High Impact as I would have hoped. The instructor was probably in his mid 60s but could still shake it pretty good. I did my best to kick up the intensity. It was fun. Ill be back. I went through all of the class schedules and lined out what classes I'm going to take!
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