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Clutter Victory

Saturday, January 16, 2016

I am a recovering hoarder. When I tighten up my food and refuse to compulsively eat I am tempted to add more stuff to my house. Free or cheap things are my favorites.

Last week I bit the bullet and bought a Skype service so I could call the US for free and attend both OA (Overeaters Anonymous) and CLA (Clutterers Anonymous) meetings. There are no CLA meetings in my area I can attend.

I attended my first meeting on Tuesday and really commited to making sure whatever I brought in this house had a home.

Yesterday I needed to buy some filing supplies to help tackle my mounds of paper. I honestly did need this stuff. I do have a history of trying to organize that which should be gotten rid of and I prayed a lot about buying this stuff.

Victory #1 I mostly stuck to my list. I went and put stuff back on the shelves that had made it into my cart that should not have. One thing was a file box I didn't need but it was 50% off and only $10 I'm sure I could use it for something and was thinking what all would fit in there. Well Hello Jen...a plastic box that size doesn't usually cost $10 so don't buy it for anything but files and you already have a file plan. That includes needing it to hold legal sized paper so get that box back on the shelf. It was still in my cart when I got to the checkout line. So were 3 other things that I went and put back. Woo Hoo for me!

Victory #2 When I got home I needed a place for my file box and a set of hanging folders to help me sort as I go. I have about 2 file boxes of paper to go through. I'm starting with the stack in the kitchen that is about 8" high. I'm guessing 200 items. I was going to go put these files in my spare room somewhere. It will probably be an office after I get my house more organized. BUT...If I want to work on this paper issue a bit at a time most days of the week I needed to have it in the kitchen. First I seen if it fit on the bookshelf where the stack of paper is. It didn't. Then I considered the floor where 2015's folder spent most of its time. No I didn't want that to be its permanent home. There wasn't anywhere for it unless I got rid of something else. On top of a pantry sized cupboard in my kitchen I had an Aerogrow Herb grower. I took it off and yes my files fit perfectly. I know this isn't the best place forever, forever, because one day that cupboard won't be in my kitchen. When it moves to the office they will be fine there though. So I count that as a win! It was a hard win because now that left the herb grower on the kitchen counter and it couldn't stay there. I also had a lot of dust and dirt to clear before putting my files up there. As I was cleaning the dust I decided that the herb grower was either getting set up and started today or it was leaving my house today. If I'm not using it - it needs to go. So I set it up and in a couple months will have some fresh herbs to make my food extra tasty.

To give you insite into the hoarders mind - I had the Aerogrow set up to start seeds. I never did it. It was sitting in pieces on top of my cupboard because of that. Because I bought the stuff to start seeds I thought I should really use that and start seeds this year. That would be in March or April. Then...I can't plant it now. I know I won't have time to start seeds this year. I almost went and stored it all in my crawl space where it would be forgotten about for sure this year.

However I know that isn't going to help me live free from clutter. So it is up and running. I also went and put its directions, box and my seeds away to there new home right away. They aren't sitting at the top of the stairs. When I look at my aerogrow I feel proud about what I did! And I should. As it grows I hope I continue to grow and that the "craft cupboard" leaves my kitchen before summer. There are a lot of other priorities. It is clean now and filled with mostly stuff I use all the time. I have gotten rid of stuff weekly from it. Not just moved it or organized it but gotten rid of it. Its been there for years and isn't hurting anything. Its just ugly but honestly while I am still crafting on my kitchen table it makes sure things are easy to put away.

I will try and post a picture of it here from my phone.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Great going!
    988 days ago
    Great beginning and acknowledging what needs work and doing it!!
    1717 days ago
    I have watched plenty of Hoarder shows and so amazed how people live in the chaos. I have organized a few hoarder's closets in the past and it is definitely hard work. I am such the opposite. I cannot tolerate clutter of any kind. My house is immaculate and I have always been that way. Remember, your home should mirror your spirit and who you are. Now get to work.
    1718 days ago
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