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Challenge Week #2 Recap...

Sunday, February 07, 2016

So this blog is a little late, as I had some issues w/ internet access the last couple of days... but better late than never, right?

So due to some extenuating circumstances (snow storm/internet issues/dead scale), I wasn't able to weigh in on Wednesday as I normally do for my challenge, so instead I used my weigh-in from Sunday (yes, I know one of my goals was to only weigh in once a week, but I did a "spot check" over the weekend), which showed no loss/gain for the week. But when I was finally able to weigh in this morning, I discovered that I actually have an almost 4lb weight gain this week. I'm upset about it of course, but I'm not gonna get two stressed about it as I was put on Prednisone earlier this week for an inflammatory issue, and that medication is notorious for causing weight gain. (finished my dose today so that's why I checked to see how much damage it had done)

As for my nutrition this week, I feel it was fairly good... I made several homemade crockpot meals - chili, chicken noodle & vegetable chowder... so I pretty much stuck to eating that stuff this week. Thursday evening I attended a "healthy cooking class" that focused on low salt recipes. We learned to make baked mac & cheese, a quinoa veggie salad, Caribbean pork kabobs and bean/avocado wraps. Excited to share these w/ the family! One thing that I have noticed I need to work on is portion control... I am eating the "right stuff", but still too much of it.

Fitness is still going well, though too slow for my liking... I continue to make good progress at physical therapy. We are now focusing on building up strength & endurance. In my own walking at home, I've surpassed 1.5 miles at a time, and am able to do so in a little over 30 minutes. I'm hoping to get my recumbant bike moved back upstairs so I can work out on it on non-therapy days as it had to go into storage while I was using a walker & wheelchair to get around the house b/t surgeries. I'm really ready to get back to the gym again, but my therapist hasn't "released" me to do so yet, and I don't wanna mess anything up by going against her wishes!

My motivation this week has been up & down... I think the blizzard that rolled thru here kinda got me in a funk of sorts, as I had a day or two afterwards that I didn't feel like walking or nothing. Fortunately that feeling has passed & I have found my "mojo" once again... LoL

As I mentioned above, my real issue lately has been portion sizes, so I need to do something to get that under control. I know what is best to eat, and I know how much I "should" be eating, but I can't seem to get full eating the appropriate sizes. I have done Nutrisystem in the past w/ great success, and know that not only are the foods the proper portion size, but they have "something" in them that helps control your appetite by making you feel fuller faster. I don't want to sign back up for shipments, as I want to lose my weight w/ lifestyle changes I can continue rather than a "short-term" fix. (and no, I can't afford to stay on Nutrisystem for the rest of my life!) However, now that you can buy 5-day & 7-day boxes of it from Wal-Mart & Sam's Club, I've decided to do 2 weeks of it, following their exact diet plan, hoping that will help me "retrain" my stomach to be satisfied w/ appropriate portion sizes.

My new "challenge" for last week was to forego caffeinated beverages, which I am very happy to say that I did all 7 days. I needed that as I had started relying on them too much in recent weeks! For this week, I am going to focus on 100% compliance w/ the Nutrisystem eating plan... which means eating ONLY what is on their plan. I'm hoping by doing so, it will help prevent me from eating a bunch of junk food at the Super Bowl party I am attending tomorrow! I plan on eating my NS food before we go and I am taking both a veggie tray & a fruit bowl to nosh on throughout the game.

Week #2 is in the books, and we're already partway thru week #3 thanks to my late post... so I will only do a short update on Wednesday, and then a full update next time, which will also be after I complete my NS "experiment"....
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