Wednesday, February 10, 2016

I'VE HIT MY 11 MIN MILE!!! (aka, 8.8 kmh)

First mini goal reached! Next step? Build endurance! Today's 42 min run was great, I've been doing 36 min at 8.7 kmh for a week and I've done half on an incline (5 min off, 5 min on and repeat), so today's goal was 8.8 kmh and just go for endurance (then I'll add the inclines). The first 20 minutes were great, but then I started to get tired. Hit 30 minutes and thought - I'll just do 6 more, but my goal was 40, so I kept going to 40, at which I saw that I was at 5.8 or something km, so I thought to push myself 2 more min to hit 6 km, that was brutal, so I hit 42 min and 6.18 km or something like that. As soon as I slowed the speed down and embraced the amazing run, I went "dang it!" if I had gone JUST 2 MORE MIN, then it would be 4 miles! Ugh! Dang UK treadmills. If it was an American one, I would have seen 3.9 miles or something and probably would have pushed myself.

HOWEVER, I'm so excited to be back down to an 11 min mile!
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