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-take the "Bull by the Horn"---

Monday, February 22, 2016

There's a lot of stuff one must remember when one is ageless!
A "biggy" is-----never feel sorry for oneself----because------
--your kids expect that everything is always well with you-----because-----
you are the Mom----
"You are always OK"----or----so -they think------

This past weekend , for example, all weekend, I wanted son#4 to call--or visit----They were skiing---- I knew that!----- But--(the big "butt" )--I wanted them to call--tell me that I was a great Mom--ask if everything was going well-----
but--(there it is again!)---- that call never came---

Finally, I took the "bull by the horns"----and called son#4---this grown child!_____
It turned out, he was taking snow off his roof---the day before-----the ladder fell----with HIM FALLING TOO!
After a hospital visit, he was just bruised and sore---

And me--the Mom?-----I know better than to sit around really----waiting for someone to ask about my day---
-Just keep going---- Of course ageless Moms are always just fine----
--I must learn to accept that----check on these grown adults ----
It's what a Mom does--------
Lord Love A Duck!----- Good thing for HIMSELF------who asks me hourly, ""How are things going, Ducky?"-
Of course he never hears my response------but-------s'okay
-I love him!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Moms always know. Unfortunately I learned that moms are not always OK and how I wished I had called mine more often! She was not ever neglected, but what I wouldn't give to have some of her comfort right now! Maybe it was because I'm a girl or spoiled, but everytime I got hurt or sick I called my Mommy! So relieved your son was not hurt badly! And, himself, well he does ask! And, I'm sure he cares even if he doesn't hear your response!! Lucky you!!
    1383 days ago
    I am glad that your son was not seriously injured. Himself sounds like a keeper. How fortunate for you to share your life with him.
    1387 days ago
    wow, Lynda, this was scary... I am glad he did not get hurt.
    Yes, Mom are always OK, always there, and expected to be the rock of Gibraltar.
    1387 days ago
    1387 days ago
    Hope Son #4 is mending well. And I know about us mom's "wishing" the kid would call, not wanting to "bother" him/her... and not admitting to ourselves that's what we want! We are strong, us moms! It's nice to have the kids check on us from time to time, nonetheless! emoticon But sometimes they still need us to check on them! emoticon
    1387 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    1387 days ago
  • GABY1948
    Yep, anyone with KIDS can relate! SO glad Son #4 is okay....we MOTHERS sense those things!

    Now TAKE CARE of YOU, too, Lynda!

    1387 days ago
    Glad your son is fine. I'm probably not a good mom now 'cause I always go by the "No News, Good News" statement emoticon
    1387 days ago
    It's absolutely worth it.
    1387 days ago
    I am editing this because I was using the tablet with our "Little Gal" on my lap & it was difficult to say the least. At the best of times, I am no fan of using the tablet. emoticon

    I sure am glad that your Son#4 was not hurt worse than he was.

    As for telephone calls from our adult children - our cherished daughters call daily - one on her way home from work. I do not approve of using cells when driving, but she insists on doing so. emoticon

    The other precious daughter calls several times per day & she encourages the young Grandblessings to call us often, so we count ourselves blessedly, BIG time!

    Now, with our beloved son the account is different, as he actually calls less often; however, he is great about sending frequent quick messages to us, so we feel connected with him, too.

    I do not call my own dear Mom as often as I actually think to. I tend to think I'll just finish one more thing & then call. Then I get caught up in other things & totally forget that I wanted to call. emoticon

    As family & friends will attest to, this gal doesn't "do" telephone chats, unless in a certain mood. However, I am always happy to touch lives with others when they do call.

    God bless!
    1387 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/22/2016 5:04:13 PM
    We share the MOM thing! I believed that the best thing a Mom could do for her children was to give them Wings. That is a blessing and a curse at times. I started sending out an email with a synopsis of my month, sort of like I blog here. When I was late with last months, I got a call from every one of the kids. They were concerned that I had died- LOL
    Life does get in the way- but that is their job!!
    I am very glad your son is OK! emoticon
    1387 days ago
    How sweet of hubby. Glad your son is okay, that could have been bad. Kids definitely think we'll be around forever, and I am guilty of that to a degree also. My mom is 75 this year and I sometimes forget she is is not going to be around forever. Guess we don't like to fact those kind of facts.
    1387 days ago
    I am really sorry to hear about your son taking a tumble and glad to hear he is not hurt any worse than he is. Our kids lead busy lives, often busier than even they would like. They don't mean to be thoughtless; they are usually just overwhelmed with life. I remember being "the kid" and having a mother who complained I did not call her. Then I think of a childhood friend who is now 77 and still caring alone for an adult daughter born with spina bifida and not expected to live more than a few years. Our lives are easy by comparison. Gotta keep that perspective. You have a son who shovels snow for you. You have your Air Canada pilot who flies in from all over the world just to see you. And as you noted, you still have Himself. Would we love to hear from our kids more often? Of course. But didn't we raise them with the thought that we wanted them to be competent, independent adults? We just succeeded too well! Our kids love us and come around or call when they can. Just remember last summer when your house was full of kids and dogs and you wished for peace and quiet. Be careful what you wish for! Have a better day.
    1387 days ago
    emoticon Glad son #4 is ok!
    1387 days ago
  • no profile photo HEALTHY-VICKI
    I'm glad your son was ok. A mother always knows when something isn't quite right. emoticon
    1387 days ago
    1387 days ago
    1387 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    1387 days ago
    1387 days ago
    Certainly glad that son#4 is OK! Goodness! My nephew fell off a ladder a couple of years ago and broke his back. OUCH!! He was down for quite a while.
    Good that Himself cares enough to ask. emoticon
    1387 days ago
    Gee, and I thought it was just me... Who knew I had so very much company. Sorry you share my rocky boat... even if only just once in a while.

    Glad son#4 is mostly okay... Last year a friend's son took a similar fall... broke both of his feet... and was in a wheel chair for several weeks.
    1387 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    Same here Lynda. My kids seem to think I'm always "okay" and that Mom will be here forever!

    I'm glad your son #4 was okay after that fall!

    Super glad that Himself asks you every hour how you're doing and love the sweet name he has for you - Ducky! Awww, cute.

    1388 days ago
    Awwwww, hugs to Himself for asking!

    And as for son #4, GOOD LAWRD! Glad he's all right, just sore and bruised! I swear, Mom's always have this intuition when something is going wrong that causes that inclination to just take the bull by the horns and call. 99.99% of the time, our intuition is right on and it's good we've taken that initiative. Gotta love children, but they cause Lady Clairol to just GIVE UP hiding the grays they cause!

    1388 days ago
  • DYANNE4293
    I agree. My kids get caught up in life very often.
    1388 days ago
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