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Changes are coming!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

What's the most difficult thing that I've had to change in my life?---
....with Spark----
ICE CREAM----I buy lighter stuff now--and even try not to eat that----and instead of buying 3 flavours---there is only 1 canister in my freezer----and not my favourite!

The next thing, for me, is to put myself first--realizing that to succeed getting healthy, I need to walk/run----and to get the time for this, I must take time away from other housey stuff----or accept that me getting on the Dreadmill IS as important as preparing for a visit from Grandchildren---so, I try---to get up earlier ---or have to get himself to push the vacuum so I can lift some weights-

The benefits are great-----like----the Jeans fit ----the energy level is higher---
There is a Spring to my step---
And --We ARE NEARLY THRU FEBRUARY and it's almost MARCH___DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME--March 13th--I think---
Lord love a Duck-
- ----but---it's MARCH 13th!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    ice cream is also my downfall. I limit myself to a small dish every Friday night. That is my reward for working hard all week.
    1382 days ago
    Wow - I admire your self control with the ice cream! You are doing great!
    1384 days ago
  • GABY1948
    You are AMAZING...I keep telling you that and then you outdo the last one! So proud of you...got unsubscribed from A BUNCH of people so catching up now!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1384 days ago
    I am still learning that I count too. Congratulations on the progress you are seeing. Keep it up. emoticon
    1384 days ago
    Congratulations on zippering the jeans. That is one of my most favorite Non-Scale Victories. I have a skirt that I wasn't able to wear at all last winter. Fits beautifully now. In fact, I'm going to wear it on Monday in celebration of your jeans zipping up! Solidarity with my Spark Sister!

    You are a brave woman, keeping ice cream in the freezer. I only treat myself with ice cream by going out for it. I'm a simple soul, too. I like a vanilla cup with rainbow sprinkles.
    1385 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/27/2016 3:41:58 PM
    There are so many little changes and things we have had to let go, little by little, that is amazing how changed we are! You have to be very proud of yourself emoticon emoticon
    1385 days ago
    Oh, How did Beau do in the car yesterday? Was Himself able to stay clean?
    1385 days ago
    Sounds like changes have already arrived!! So proud of you!! Taking care of yourself is taking care of housey/family stuff too. If you are not healthy and strong, how will any of it get done! Way to go Himself for pushing the vacuum! Keep those changes in check and coming!! Yay You!!
    1385 days ago
    Good for you with the ice cream. I can take it or leave it. My Kryptonite is M&M and chocolate. I bought the 86% cacoa- and it is too bitter. That is a good thing- eating a lot less of it! emoticon
    Keeping those skinny jeans fitting is a good reason for the Dreadmill- or taking dogs out for a walk accomplished the same thing when the weather is better! emoticon
    1385 days ago
  • PHOENIX1949
    1385 days ago
    Oh, Lynda.... I forgot to remind you that

    "Taking excellent care of yourself (putting your HEALTH first)"
    is truly putting your family first.... It means you are extending the days, weeks, years you will be spending with them in good health..

    Thus putting your health first ....
    Benefits "EVERYONE" !!
    (We Spark Friends too !!)
    Hugs again, Audra
    1385 days ago
  • EDWARDS1411
    1385 days ago
    Well my only freezer is the one that shares my refrigerator's floor space.. thus.. unless it is well planned... there is no room at the inn... BUT when I do indulge... I buy a pint of the full fat, full flavor and it makes 4 servings... It is rather funny but the richer ice cream satisfies my taste buds and my brain even eating only a "normal" serving.. where as the low calorie substitutes... a 'single serving' leaves me wanting a couple more servings and usually with extras like a sauce and nuts and ??? for toppings... which totally defeats the purpose of buying the 'healthier' versions.

    For me I have found that if I set something up as "forbidden" ... it soon becomes an "obsession" ... I wonder if I forbid myself to exercise that I would become obsessed with exercise???? Hm-m-m-m-m (sounds too good to be true!)

    Oops... did it again... a mini blog .. but I had fun writing it... Have a great day, rest of the weekend... and the rest of your life, and my your life be a very LONG, HEALTHY journey! Hugs, Audra
    1385 days ago
    Ice cream was never a big thing for me. My himself buys but he eats it, not me. Now candy was always my downfall...Reese's peanut butter cups first, M&M peanuts second and Hershey's Almond bar third. I don't have any of that in the house. And luckily my himself likes different kinds of candy so if he has any, I am not tempted to eat any of it.

    Mucho kudos on the jeans fitting. emoticon emoticon emoticon

    We took Menlo, our sheepdog to the vet's yesterday for his checkup and vaccinations and it turns out he has Lymes disease. I am going to be spending the next two weeks trying to get his doxycycline in him 3 times per day. That will be a real feat of strength since he does not take pills well. He will spit them out if I try to give it to him in a piece of food so I have to do the hard way for him. emoticon

    Have a super Saturday!!
    1385 days ago

    Comment edited on: 2/27/2016 12:16:13 PM
    I am with SunshineGB in that bread is my biggest challenge in having moderation with it. Ice cream I could go without for months on end, but bread calls to me - sometimes by the minute! emoticon However, I must confess that in years past it was both emoticon & breads that were challenges for me to deal with.

    Actually, it has been a couple of days since I indulged in bread. emoticon

    And the real kicker is that my beloved MrV purchased two loaves this past week & both are so extremely tasty. I must be progressing quite well, because the old Ima would have been half way through both loaves by now. emoticon Of course, the day is young! emoticon

    One thing that helped me with my bread issues was to put the loaves in the back of the freezer down in the basement storage room or at the bottom of the deep freezer out in the garage. That way, when (notice that is not "if" emoticon ) I was tempted, it was not right at hand & when going to get a few pieces, I had time to really think about what I was about to do. That worked rather well!

    God bless us all in fitting our needs in with the demands on the minutes of our lives!
    1385 days ago
    Ice cream is a really hard one for me too... and Peter, bless him, came home with 4 new flavours last week. At least they're in the freezer in the basement... but I had some last night. Be strong!
    1385 days ago
    Looking forward to more dayllight too... spring will arrive! emoticon
    1385 days ago
    Hurray!! You're doing it!!

    When it comes to icecream, I buy only chocolate most of the time: because although I love chocolate (as in Lindt) for some reason I don't like chocolate icecream, not even Breyer's Chocolate Velvet. I go out for the occasional icecream cone (Kawartha Dairies strawberry is a big fave) but it's too dangerous to keep in the freezer!!

    Potato chips is my kryptonite. Gahhhhhhh!!!
    1385 days ago
  • no profile photo HEALTHY-VICKI
    I'm going to be cutting sugar starting next month, which will be extremely hard for me. But if I want to get healthier, it's necessary. emoticon
    1385 days ago
    Small changes over time will get us there! emoticon
    1385 days ago
    1385 days ago
    Ice cream is a tough one for me too. I have switched to frozen yogurt and cut portions in half. We do not eat bread at all - don't buy it, don't make it. I have started to make bran muffins from scratch because both hubby and I "need the fiber" so to speak. I tried the Fiber One original cereal. It's fewer calories, even with skim milk, but the muffins are a better balance with the Carbmaster yogurts we eat every morning. I lost my exercise routine when I had surgery last October and never quite got it back after the holidays. You are certainly to be commended for your determination to keep after your exercise program - you are quite the inspiration.Thanks so much. Have a great Saturday.
    1385 days ago
  • GLORYB83
    Ice cream for you .... bread for me - toast or sandwiches, yum. But bread isn't good to me at all! Must work harder on that too!

    Jeans that fit and wow, more energy - makes it all worthwhile, sure does!

    Have a really nice weekend Lynda!
    1385 days ago
    Glad to hear your spirit is up and you are getting ready for Spring!
    1385 days ago
    Hurray to jeans fitting and more energy. BONUS POINTS for being good, right!
    1385 days ago
    I understand the need to make time for exercise. I lost my job at the end of January and while I have been looking for a new job, I have made it a priority to exercise. It has made a world of difference in my mood and energy level, but it is very time consuming! No idea how I will be able to keep exercise in my routine once I return to work. Oh well, I will cross that bridge when I come to it! Happy Saturday to you!

    1385 days ago
  • HOLLYM48
    I gave up most bread and french fries. I have both on limited occasions, but I do miss them sometimes when I smell them.
    Other times, I am so satisfied with what I eat and how I look, I know it is all worth it.
    Good for you for continuing to find time and make time for you! You are worth it.
    Keep on sparking and have a great weekend! emoticon
    1385 days ago
    i have traded off my beloved ice cream for frozen yogurt bars and frozen fruit bars .... that way I do not dip those extra dips....LOL has truly done well for me switching.
    Keep on smilin'.......roc
    1385 days ago
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