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Self-Help Tips For Your Sunday

Sunday, March 13, 2016

1. The Dancer's Yoga Pose works every muscle. With feet hip-width apart, arms down, bend right knee and bring right heel toward butt. Reach back with right hand to grab right ankle; lift foot up until right thigh is parallel to floor. Extend left arm forward as you feel the stretch in the raised leg and your abs are firing. Repeat on other side.

2. Use concealer after foundation. Make-up will look smoother.

3. Lose 8 pounds. Women who didn't miss a meal lost eight more pounds than women who skipped meals. Waiting more than four hours to eat can leave you starving and prone to overeat.

4. Mineral water is more hydrating than tap or plain bottle water. It contains bicarbonate (an electrolyte) and calcium which improves hydration so you don't fatigue.

5. Waving the bottle back and forth isn't the best way to mix nail polish: That can form air bubbles, making polish chip-prone. Instead, roll it between your palms.

6. Myth Buster: Cold water doesn't make hair shiny. It constricts capillaries, which could damage hair.

7. You'll lose more pounds if you think "I'll run 5 miles," instead of "I'm going to jog for 40 minutes." Distance, not time, goals are better for weight loss. People tend to overestimate how far they're going when gauging by their watch.

8. Get pedi-smooth soles without bleeding cash at a salon. Rub feet with an astringent pad daily. Acids in the pads exfoliate the tough skin away.

9. Eat yogurt to reduce belly fat storage, apples to fill you up on a few calories, and lentils to boost fat burning.

10. For instant energy, sniff a peppermint candle, lotion, shampoo, or tea. The scent stimulates blood flow to the brain, increasing alertness.
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