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3-28-16 (day 148)

Monday, March 28, 2016

Yesterday I had some big successes and a couple pit falls. I did not have any sweet treats. That was a big success and found time to walk. I did fall prey to the mashed potatoes and buns I had made. I got to admit and pat myself on the back knowing yesterday was one of the most delicious days that I have cooked in a very long time. Almost all the dishes were veggie dishes of some sort. That made me feel better for fall prey to the buns and potatoes. I ate mostly veggies.

Blood sugar was effected by the buns and potatoes though and is still very high this morning and boy oh boy do I feel it too. I went to bed feeling really rough and woke up in the middle of the night having thrown up in my mouth. Feeling that way is not worth indulging in the carbs. But I did and I am past it and am back on track! That is behind me and I am really ready and wanting to go forward with the good choices I tend to make that are good for me. I told myself yesterday it was ok, I don't eat that way often. Only once in awhile. I am ok with that.

My Easter flowers are still very beautiful! The pink tulips have opened, the yellow are still closed perfectly and the multi colored ones are still perky and pleasant. I am glad they lasted. I have been really enjoying their beauty. I used to grow tulips and crocus. The squirrels stole the bulbs and ate them. I know a couple tricks for that to not happen, just never got around to replacing them. My day lilies and peonies should be popping up soon. I should clean up the hostas since hubby didn't cut them last fall. And my mint garden needs to be cleaned up. That will all wait though till the weekend.

Need to get my middle son up so I can take him back to college, take my youngest back to school. I get them both the pep talk of only having a few weeks left, lets end it on a high note. I started looking into places to go and things to do for my 20th anniversary. I believe we will go early so we can have more days together. We never had a honeymoon. So I think we will go a month early. That way we are sure to have both the older boys (23 & 20) around to take care of their younger brother (12). And we can enjoy several days with out having to worry about them much. We can plan to go on the oldest days off and our middle will be home for the summer still. If we wait till our anniversary, hubby is on call, middle son will have moved back to college and oldest son will only have one day off and youngest will be in school. It just is more convenient to go the month before. I have some great ideas for a couples get away. And going a month earlier would be August. Nicer weather which lends itself to being able to do more things. Like a sunset dinner cruise... and other things that are outdoors.

Off to my day! emoticon

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